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Ancillary Relief


The term ancillary relief relates to the separation of a couples finances following a married couples divorce or dissolution of a civil partnership. It is a very stressful time for you both. Absolute Family will guide you through the ancillary relief procedure which will deal with parties' income, any capital assets they have, any debts and any pension benefits that they may have accrued. We will strive to settle all outstanding financial matters as amicably and fairly as possible to achieve the best outcomes for you and your families.

Alternatively, if parties are unable to agree settlement of all outstanding financial matters, we can can represent one of the parties through the procedure at Court which will involve both parties providing each other with a full and frank financial disclosure and for the matter then to come before the Court on a hearing in which the parties are encouraged to settle their financial matters by the District Judge or in default of that at a final hearing where a District Judge will make a decision about who receives what.

Again public funding to represent a client within these proceedings is available subject to the amounts involved and your own financial circumstances at the time.

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