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Child Care proceedings

Child Care

The Children's Services Department of your Local Authority is responsible for making sure that children living with their families are safe and well cared for by their parents or the person looking after them.

Sometimes, they receive information which makes them worried about a child’s welfare. As a parent or extended family member, you may be upset or angry or feel that nobody is listening to you. We approach each case with a level of understanding only achievable through specialising in Child Care law and we know how the Courts make their decision in these kinds of cases.

We advise and represent parents, other family members, and children in all Public Child Care Law proceedings. These include proceedings where the Local Authority has applied for Emergency Protection Orders, Care Orders and Supervision Orders.

We are here to support you and provide you with advice and empower you during this difficult time.

Non-means tested full public funding is available to all parents and children involved in public law cases, regardless of financial means.

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