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Welcome to atticus, our new journal.

Atticus is named after Atticus Finch, the hero of Harper Lee's novel, "To Kill a Mocking Bird".  He’s a lawyer dedicated to serving his clients, yet he maintains a real grasp of wider issues, albeit in a very different context.

The main aim of atticus is to inform and entertain, but we also hope to give you an insight into Lupton Fawcett Denison Till, and some of our clients and contacts, along the way.



We don’t intend this to be a technical publication but we will keep you up-to-date with any changes and trends in the law that we think are interesting or relevant.  Please feel free to download any issue by clicking on the link to the right.  However, should you wish a hard-copy version, please e-mail or telephone 0113 2802218, and we will be very pleased to send you a copy.

Finally, we fully expect to evolve and develop this journal over time to better reflect  the kinds of articles that you would like to read, so please don’t hesitate to let us know what you think (good or bad!), and to make any suggestions for future editions or simply fill in the on-line questionnaire

Kevin Emsley

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