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Franchising is one of the largest growing areas for new business in the UK. A franchise is the means by which an organisation with a recognisable and strong brand (for example McDonalds and Pizza Hut) offers the opportunity for entrepreneurs to establish their own business by selling the business model (which is usually tried and tested) created by the franchisor.

A business owner should consider whether its business is capable of being franchised before rolling it out. A potential franchisor should consider setting up a pilot franchise. This is usually operated for a short period (usually a year) and has the benefit of establishing whether the business is capable of being franchised; it highlights any problem areas and enables the franchisor to develop the skills and techniques required to manage and operate the franchise.

Our lawyers have expertise in, and experience of franchise sales, intellectual property, commercial property, e commerce, corporate finance, and commercial arrangements; we are therefore able to help business owners franchise their business, as well as advising those considering buying a franchise.

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Lupton Fawcett's franchise agreement solicitors work from offices in Leeds, Sheffield and York, enabling us to provide advice on franchise law to businesses across Yorkshire and the UK. Whether you are a potential franchisee or franchisor, contact one of our Commercial team today.

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