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Law & the Internet

The internet has become an important means of transferring knowledge and information, and commerce. It has also become the preferred route to market for some retailers, whilst being a major contributor to the turnover of others.

The internet is a rapidly changing commodity, and authorities find it difficult to keep it regulated. However, the law does regulate some issues including:

  • Privacy of information supplied through an online retailer's website
  • What third parties can or cannot do with information
  • The terms that are implied into contracts made online
  • Protection of intellectual property, including domain names
  • Social media

Our internet law solicitors are able to advise you on how your business may be affected by its online presence, and help you achieve the protection that you require, whether by a change in your processes or procedures, or by the use of a correctly drafted policy or contract and compliance with the law relating to internet use.

Social Media

Social media such as Facebook, Twitter and Linked-In, are used not only in a social context, but are utilised significantly as part of a business’s marketing strategy and to create brand awareness.

The misuse of social media can have a damaging effect upon the goodwill and reputation of a business should someone connected with it make, for example, offensive comments or use business information in an unauthorised way.

As such a business will want to ensure that it has an effective policy that monitors, restricts and generally controls the use of social media by its employees.

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