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Small Claims Cases

Get a solicitor on your side for a fee which is fixed and proportionate.

Anyone who has been to court over a civil dispute will recognise that it can be daunting. The process is wrapped in jargon, and the forms are confusing. If you have a dispute over a small claims sum (presently £10,000 or less) then Yorkshire-based Lupton Fawcett can offer a menu of fixed-cost services designed to help you navigate your way through the system, and give you the best chance of getting justice.

We know the prospect of paying legal fees is off-putting, so we have fixed our fees for small claims cases. And you don't even have to instruct us for the whole case - just use us for the parts where you feel in need of help and limit your costs accordingly. 

We act for both Claimants and Defendants, whether they are businesses or individuals.

Download our small claims fixed fee costs here; or fill in our questionnaire and one of our solicitors will be in touch.

Get expert legal advice

If you are considering making a small claim, or have had a claim made against you or your business, our small claims court solicitors will be able to assist you and advise on the next steps to take. Contact any of our offices in Leeds, York or Sheffield to speak to a member of the team on the details below.

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