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Personal Finance

Whether you have acquired or built your wealth through the sale of a business, an inheritance or a windfall, we can arrange a first-class asset management service through our subsidiary, Leodis Wealth LLP.

Leodis Wealth specialises in all aspects of investment management and financial planning, including pension funds, savings and trusts. We use a proactive approach to personal finance, which keeps your investment working and continually helps you take advantage of new opportunities.

If, like us, you believe experience and reliability should underpin any service, you will be glad to know that Leodis Wealth has provided comprehensive, bespoke and totally independent advice to our private clients for generations. This trusted team of specialists enables you to benefit from years of financial planning expertise at a competitive price.

For more information about how Leodis Wealth can help, or to find out about the services provided, visit the Leodis Wealth website.

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