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We know how stressful bankruptcy can be. Make sure you have a team of experienced solicitors by your side to take the weight off your shoulders, and provide tailored advice for a range of personal insolvency issues.

Bankruptcy uses your assets, such as your home, possessions and income, to settle a debt. The decision to file for bankruptcy is a difficult choice, but the right one if your debts are out of control and you feel there is nothing else you can do.

At Lupton Fawcett, our team of personal insolvency solicitors are on hand to provide clear information on what will happen if you declare bankruptcy, and its long-term implications, and can assist you with your application for bankruptcy.   

What we can do for you

We act regularly for both trustees in bankruptcy and individual clients faced with bankruptcy, so we have the experience to provide practical and tailored advice on all legal aspects of personal insolvency including:

  • Options available to those facing insolvency

  • The bankruptcy procedure

  • The role of a bankruptcy trustee

  • Cross-border insolvency

  • Establishing a centre of main interests in England and Wales

  • Realising assets within the estate

  • Solving disputes over prior transactions

  • Recovering money from third parties

  • Applying for, or defending, bankruptcy restriction orders

  • Applications to annul bankruptcy orders

  • Challenging a trustee’s costs

Contact us for help

We provide advice on bankruptcy and other personal insolvency issues to clients around Yorkshire from our offices in Leeds, York and Sheffield. For an initial discussion on the specific details of your case, contact our solicitors today using the details below.

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