This is a Private Member’s Bill supported by MP Phil Wilson. It will require all private landlords in England to be registered.

What is it?

This is a Private Member’s Bill supported by MP Phil Wilson. It will require all private landlords in England to be registered.

In May 2009 the Government had a similar register in the pipeline however this was abandoned following the general election.

Current Progress

The first reading occurred on 17 January 2018. The second reading is currently scheduled for 27 April 2018. A draft text has not yet been produced.

The First Reading

MP Phil Wilson said that problems with private landlords have been regularly raised by his constituents and he believes this Bill is the way forward. In his constituency of Durham there are some registration schemes in place which have been successful but they are selective, administratively burdensome and voluntary.

The register will address two problems.

  • Empty properties. Empty properties attract antisocial behaviour, arson and fly-tipping. It can take the council weeks or months to track down and contact the owners of such properties increasing the workload for the council and/or the police. It also means that problems do not get resolved quickly or efficiently. However, if there were a register of private landlords, this could easily be consulted in such situations.
  • Code of Practice. There will be an accompanying code of compliance. This will require landlords to manage their properties correctly and address any problems immediately. As an incentive to comply, there will be fines for non-compliance with the code.

Following the introduction by Mr Wilson, concerns were raised that the Bill could be disproportionate and unnecessary. However, ultimately, it waits to be seen how the Bill progresses and whether any further discontent is shown.

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