Lupton Fawcett is backing a new campaign to showcase the value and contribution of family businesses to the UK economy.

‘The Face of Family Business’ has been launched by Family Business United (FBU) and features the faces of more than 200 family business members, encapsulating the spirit and diversity of the family business sector.

Lupton Fawcett is a member of FBU and has a team of specialist lawyers providing advice and guidance to family businesses across Yorkshire.

Leading family figures included in the ‘face’ montage include Derrick Potter of Yorkshire-based Potter Space.

There are over six million family firms across the UK, employing more than 12 million people and making a significant contribution to the economy through the provision of jobs, wealth creation, income generation and the good they do in their local communities.

Paul Andrews, founder and managing director of FBU said: “I have been championing the family business sector for over 20 years and 2021 sees us celebrating the 10th anniversary of the creation of FBU and we wanted to do something to celebrate.

“Family firms are the backbone of the UK economy with family firms the length and breadth of the nation. The ‘face’ represents the sector in a way that has never been portrayed before, celebrating the old and the new, together with the diversity of family business leadership too.

“The ‘face’ is a great way to celebrate the importance of family firms across the UK who over the past 18 months have shown their resilience and strength in dealing with the pandemic.  Many of the individuals featured are involved with long-standing family businesses that have been around for generations and see themselves as custodians of the business for future generations, continuing making decisions for the long term, innovating and demonstrating entrepreneurship to achieve their goals.”

Amanda Simmonds, Head of Family Businesses at Lupton Fawcett, said: “We are longstanding supporters of FBU and its new campaign is a creative way to highlight the great work and contribution family businesses make both regionally and nationally.

“We help our family-managed business clients to seize opportunities to grow, overcome challenges and prepare for the future.”

Lupton Fawcett supports new family business campaign

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