During this uncertain period of ‘lockdown’ due to the Covid-19 outbreak, we would like to reassure our clients that our services will continue.

Although usual practices will be adapted to ensure the safety of our clients and staff, the Private Client Department are still welcoming new instructions, including those for Lasting Powers of Attorney (LPAs).

What is a Lasting Power of Attorney?

LPAs are documents which allow your chosen individual(s), known as your attorneys, to make decisions on your behalf. There are two types of LPA:

1) Property and Financial Affairs

A Property and Financial Affairs LPA allows your attorneys to make a wide range of decisions for you including: paying your bills, operating bank or building society accounts and buying and selling property on your behalf. A separate LPA can also be prepared to cover business decisions.

2) Health and Welfare

A Health and Welfare LPA allows your attorneys to make decisions on your behalf for matters such as your day-to-day care, accommodation and consenting to or refusing medical treatment. This LPA also allows you to grant the authority to your attorneys to make decisions about life sustaining treatment.

Ensuring that LPAs are in place provides peace of mind that your finances and health can be taken care of in the unpredictable future. It is important to seek advice at an early stage as LPAs can only be put in place if you have mental capacity. It could cause great difficulties if you lose capacity and do not have an LPA in place to protect your interests.

To discuss Lasting Powers of Attorney, contact our Estate Planning Solicitors

Please note this information is provided by way of example and may not be complete and is certainly not intended to constitute legal advice. You should take bespoke advice for your circumstances.

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