Escapees from Lupton Fawcett’s Sheffield office led the way to raising over £350 for Weston Park Cancer Charity in the Graves Park fun run this weekend.

Not to have morale clouded by grey skies, rain and even occasional hill-like undulations, our very own super-star team was assisted by the marvellous Spiderman, Superboy, Robin and Buzz-light-year junior who also braved the course. All received well deserved medals at the finish line.

Bat-Woman, having flown around the course in record time welcomed our home coming heroes with an energy boosting picnic and lashings of lemon drizzle cake among other super-foods.

We would like to thank all those who supported us so please do keep those donations rolling in.

And, if you’d like another, even better laugh on October 7th, let us know now. Buy a ticket or three to watch our home grown Funny Business contestant, Michele Phillips (aka Head of Lupton Fawcett’s Sheffield office) walking the boards at the City Hall doing a 5 minute stand up comedy routine. In public. On stage. Oh yes….for whatever reasons, we guarantee this will be worth watching. To help Michelle raise more funds for this very good cause, please clicking the link here at or even better, contact us now to order your tickets.

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