Liz Henwood, senior associate in dispute resolution at Lupton Fawcett, is on a mission to encourage everyone to give running a try.

My running journey started 15 years ago when my husband Will was at Sandhurst and I became more interested in fitness, as he did, so that we could enjoy walking, climbing and running together.

He and my friends were sceptical about my ability to push beyond my first, highly celebrated kilometre; looking worse for wear and gasping for breath! I somehow managed my first Race for Life and then tentatively enjoyed running short distances for a few years, in 10 year old trainers with chocolate rewards for my efforts.

In 2009, encouraged by colleagues, I trained for my first Sheffield 10k and it was then that I became hooked, both on the fitness benefits and the headspace running provided.

It wasn’t long before I embraced the challenge of longer distances, never really sure if I was going to get to the end, but keen to try. I was lucky enough to run the London Marathon and several others. In 2011, Will was serving in Afghanistan. He wrote to tell me that we would be running the New York Marathon together. Once I had picked myself off the floor, I really enjoyed the whole thing and that remains my favourite race experience. Everything from collecting my race number, to the cheering crowds and the free breakfast the next day was amazing.

Over time I have discovered a running community and a wealth of information, but it wasn’t always easily accessible to me. I ran while I was pregnant with my two sons – Rowan, now eight, and Ethan, five and then joined a women’s’ running group in Oughtibridge where I live. After years of training by myself it was a pleasure to run in such a supported way with others and to learn so much more about running.

I became keen to help others appreciate what they could achieve in many different respects through running. I have been an England Athletics Run Leader for the last five years. I love seeing and facilitating the positive touch the sport has for so many.

In April this year, I completed my first 45-mile ultra-marathon. That experience helped me with my run coach training. The first-hand experience has helped me understand more of what our runners might need to know to improve their performance and I love getting to know the ‘why’s’ behind what we do as runners.

I have developed a passion for running over many years. It is very rewarding to get others involved and see their confidence grow. The hardest part of running can often be leaving the house but I think most will agree you are rarely disappointed when you do.

My Passion - Liz Henwood

Liz Henwood, of Lupton Fawcett LLP.

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