Holly Dobson is a Partner in the Employment law team at Lupton Fawcett LLP, based at the Sheffield office.

What was your first job? 

A waitress in a Wimpy Bar – an experience I enjoyed. I learnt a lot about customer service and it also taught me to be terribly nice to anyone in catering – at least until after you have eaten their food!

If you weren’t in your present position, what would you be doing?  

Trying to write a crime novel. I love a well written crime novel because the best ones are a puzzle that evades solution but contain clues which you may be able to solve. Importantly they are often good on character sketches and people fascinate me. I’ve seen so much as a lawyer I’d love to be able to include some things I’ve seen along the way. The difficulty, as Ian Rankin said recently, is that truth is often too incredible to include in a novel.

What is the worst mistake you’ve ever made?  

On reflection, whilst at the time I loved getting married in a civil ceremony in a full skirted burgundy dress with long burgundy train, I now wish I’d opted for something very smart, conventional and understated.

What’s your ideal day away from the office?

Having a lie in, then going for a leisurely walk with a late pub lunch to follow, then home to either read a book or watch an old film curled up on the sofa.

Name one person you would like to have dinner with? 

Richard E Grant. I’ve been watching his series Write around the World and have also seen him in interviews. He strikes me as intelligent, thoughtful, well read, interested in people and I think he would be good company.

What was your best subject at school? 

English Literature – the love of literature is something I inherited from my mother. Studying English Literature at school inspired my love for the classics and Shakespeare and poetry.

What are your hobbies?  

Very gentle rambles in the countryside, visiting nice pubs, travelling, both in the UK and abroad, gardening and reading.

What would you do if you won the lottery? 

I’d make sure family were reasonably provided for, then I’d buy myself two cars – one for summer and one for winter – and go on some fantastic trips! I really enjoy what I do, so I’d really struggle with the idea of stopping working.

What is your favourite time of the day?  

Snuggling under a warm duvet at the end of the day, with a good book, reading a few pages and then, usually, out like a light for a good seven hours.

What would you like your epitaph to be? 

She made a positive difference to the lives and well-being of a lot of people and she will be missed.

On the Spot with Holly Dobson

Holly Dobson, Partner in Employment, Lupton Fawcett LLP.

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