Apart from the fact that it will improve efficiency and effectiveness, Client Services Principal, Robert Barnard, discusses the importance of choosing a specialist Debt Recovery Law Firm over a Debt Collection Agency.

Clients have come to appreciate the many advantages of working with a debt specialist law firm as opposed to a debt collection agency. There are three key fundamental advantages to using the skills and experience of a well-established and respected debt recovery law firm:

  • The ability to issue legal proceedings: Debt collection agencies can and will call debtors constantly, send numerous letters and use other social media methods to try and communicate with debtors.  The problem they find is all these steps are done without any real depth or substance because if the debtors chooses to ignore their  ministrations, what next?  We can do all these methods with the added weight and leverage that collection agencies don’t have.  As a debt recovery specialist law firm, we can fast track pre-legal action to a minimum and take swift legal action to prompt early resolution. Once we get judgment, we can then pursue all available enforcement remedies to collect what is rightly owed.

Whilst we don’t always have to go down the legal and litigation path, simply having the option gives Lupton Fawcett far more leverage than a debt collection agency will have. When collection attempts prove unsuccessful for agencies, they simply forward to a law firm to action. Why delay getting your money by instructing us first? We can immediately give you the best chance of maximum and efficient recovery.

  • Knowledge of the law: Collection agencies aren’t allowed to give legal advice to clients or debtors. Our lawyers, and trained debt experts, can lay out the pros and cons of each course of action in any given situation. As a result, the debtors have the information they need to make educated decisions about whether they are going to pay or risk legal action.
  • Held to the highest standard: Many debt collection agencies don’t have the strict and regulated governing policies and principles law firms adhere to. This gives confidence and comfort knowing your business brand will be maintained to the highest degree. This ultimately holds the law firm to the highest standard of conduct and integrity when engaging with its clients and in recovery of debt.

In addition, we work on a case by case flexible fee arrangements for all pre- and legal work. We take all our pre-legal cases on a contingency no win/no fee basis and are happy to match debt collection agency rates to champion challenge. This way, we have “skin in the game” and are invested along with our clients to recover maximum amounts. We will even look at risk sharing on legal costs on certain portfolios or one-off debts. Above all, we are renowned for delivering the highest levels of client service and debt recovery legal representation.

Lupton Fawcett is a top 150 UK law firm with over a 100 years of history and heritage both locally and nationally.  If you are owed money or generally need advice on our debt collection processes, please feel free to contact Robert Barnard on 0113 280 2146

Please note this information is provided by way of example and may not be complete and is certainly not intended to constitute legal advice. You should take bespoke advice for your circumstances.

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