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Rob is a Partner, in our Dispute Resolution department, specialising in Property Litigation. He provides Property Litigation assistance to a diverse range of commercial and individual clients and specialises in advising Property and Real Estate investors, Retail and restaurants, Financial Institutions and regeneration bodies.

However, he would prefer that disputes do not develop. As such, his priority is always to offer early advice and assistance to help and avoid the potential dispute. If a dispute does develop he will work hard to resolve your dispute as soon as is possible using his extensive Property Litigation experience including substantial experience in Mediation, Negotiation and Arbitration. He will always provide you with clear and decisive advice and if, as a last resort, court action is required he will be tough and assertive in representing your interests.

When not at work

When not at work, Rob enjoys spending time his wife and two children. He is a keen supporter of SWFC, which is sometimes a labour of love. He also enjoys playing golf.

Professional Societies

  • Law Society


  • Rent Arrears and Rent recovery
  • Rent Review
  • Service Charge disputes
  • Consents and Alienation disputes
  • Dilapidation and improvement disputes
  • Forfeiture
  • Covenant disputes
  • Insolvency Landlord & Tenant issues
  • Business Lease renewal
  • Negligence of Property Professionals
  • General Property Management issues and Service Charge disputes
  • Disrepair
  • Notices under the Housing Act 1985 and 1988
  • Proceedings for possession
  • Enfranchisement
  • Adverse possession / Squatters
  • Boundary disputes / right of way disputes
  • First Tier Tribunal, Property Chamber

Sectors that Rob is involved in:

Housebuilders, Student Accommodation, Breweries & Pubs, MRO and Pub Code Legal Advice for Landlords

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Accreditations / Awards

Adverse Possession

What can a landlord do when a commercial tenant is not paying rent?

The ongoing Covid-19 pandemic is having a detrimental effect on both commercial landlords and commercial tenants alike. What are the options open to a landlord?

Pencil iconBy Rob Cooke on 19th November 2020

Adverse Possession

New Code of Practice for Commercial Property Relationships

A new Code of Practice has been developed with leaders from retail, hospitality and property sectors to provide clarity for businesses when discussing rental payments

Pencil iconBy Rob Cooke on 13th July 2020

Adverse Possession

Is your Landlord trying to make you pay for Property improvements or upgrades?

If you are a tenant of commercial premises, almost certainly your lease will contain obligations that you have to keep the premises you occupy in

Pencil iconBy Rob Cooke on 21st November 2019

Adverse Possession

The End of Section 21 Notices?

The government have recently announced plans to abolish the practice of landlords serving tenants Section 21 notices in order to address the uncertainty that tenants in

Pencil iconBy Rob Cooke on 3rd May 2019

Supreme Court decision restricts landlord’s right to terminate lease 2

Increased risk for Letting Agents – are you protected?

Regulation in the private rented market is increasing rapidly. New regulations, rules and requirements are being introduced at an alarming rate, all of which substantially

Pencil iconBy Rob Cooke on 11th February 2019

Supreme Court decision restricts landlord’s right to terminate lease 2

Are You Fully Aware of the New Section 21 Procedure?

New Section 21 procedure coming into force on 1st October 2015

Pencil iconBy Rob Cooke on 11th February 2019

Supreme Court decision restricts landlord’s right to terminate lease 2

New Minimum Energy Efficiency Standards for Both Residential and Commercial Property

The Government has recently passed new minimum energy efficiency standards which come into force on 1 April 2016. These will affect both landlords of domestic and commercially

Pencil iconBy Rob Cooke on 11th February 2019

Supreme Court decision restricts landlord’s right to terminate lease 2

New Regulations on Smoke and Carbon Monoxide Alarms

Detailed below are new Regulations which impose a duty on Landlords to install and maintain smoke alarms and carbon monoxide alarms or face a Local

Pencil iconBy Rob Cooke on 11th February 2019

What do the first Pubs Code Adjudication awards actually mean for Pub tenants?

What do the first Pubs Code Adjudication awards actually mean for Pub tenants?

The Pubs Code etc. Regulations 2016 (“the Pubs Code”) came into force on 21 July 2016. The Pubs Code introduced certain “trigger events” which would enable a tied

Pencil iconBy Rob Cooke on 4th January 2019

Adverse Possession

Can a Landlord effect service of a notice on a tenant by email?

If you are in the business of renting residential property you will be aware of the numerous formalities involved and will, most likely, have ensured

Pencil iconBy Kirsty Coggin on 17th September 2018

Adverse Possession

The Cost of Fire Safety

On 14 August 2018, the government’s consultation on whether to ban the use of combustible cladding in high-rise residential buildings closed.

Pencil iconBy Rob Cooke on 17th September 2018

What are the land purchase options for housebuilders and developers?

Developers and sites for residential development

The demand for housing has led to many Local Authorities revising their planning policies on Greenbelt Land and particularly those near existing towns and settlements.

Pencil iconBy Rob Cooke on 28th September 2017

"Rob Cooke and Simon Lockley are top dogs in this field. Both technically superb and realistic in advising on prospects."

Legal 500 2021

I just want to express my thanks, coupled with my admiration, for what you have done for me and for my family. To bring home the bacon after all these years of frustration and enforced despair over my unfortunate financial relationship with an old associate and supposed friend is something of a miracle – my daughter and others have long consoled me by writing off the whole sorry business……..and now you and Natasha have made them all eat their words! I am smiling a lot.

There is always someone to help me whenever needed and I do tend to need everything in an emergency! Lupton Fawcett & student accommodation team are always very professional as well as proactive in suggesting improved ways of working. A leading national student accommodation provider with over 24 sites.

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