Doing Business in the Republic of Ireland & Legal Advice for UK-Ireland Trade

Lupton Fawcett provides specialist niche legal and commercial services for Irish companies wishing to do business in the UK and for UK businesses wishing to do business in the Republic of Ireland (the Republic).

Brexit will have an extremely deep and far reaching impact on trade and other business considerations for companies with interests between Ireland and the UK.  It will also hit Irish companies who move goods through the UK.

For those Irish businesses seeking to do business in the UK, Lupton Fawcett has a full range of commercial services together with deep local knowledge and formidable contacts.  For UK businesses wanting to do business in the Republic, Lupton Fawcett has considerable knowledge and experience of the Republic together with a wide network of contacts.

The Republic and the UK are major trading partners with reciprocal business exceeding £50b pa. Around 38% of the Republic’s trade is with the UK and less than half of the rest is with the other countries in the Europe. It is estimated that over 200,000 jobs are dependent on the trading relationship across the two nations.

Brexit has already been very damaging to the Republic, and has had significant impact on agriculture and beef farmers in particular, with huge damage across the Irish economy anticipated should a No Deal Brexit become a reality.

Whilst the Common Travel Area (CTA ) between the UK and the Republic, (which has existed since partition in the 1920’s), has been strengthened and formalised as a consequence of Brexit, it formalises and secures only the rights of individuals to travel, reside, and secure healthcare and benefits, it does not impact the commercial relationship which will be regulated by the terms of the relationship with Europe.

Clearly there are huge concerns and issues in and for the business community on both sides of the border. Those concerned will have the need for advice, guidance and contacts as they seek to secure and develop their businesses in each jurisdiction. Fresh thinking and new approaches will be needed to mitigate the impact and move to a position from which to strengthen and grow.

There are structural issues around business acquisition and imperatives driving that process on both sides, but there are more immediate and prosaic issues that all businesses trading between the two jurisdictions need to address.

There are likely to be many challenges for business to face but Lupton Fawcett can provide the guidance and legal expertise to help you prepare and transition smoothly in to this new business landscape.

We can support your operations and opportunities with the following services:

Anglo-Irish Commercial Law & Regulatory Expertise

New rules overseeing imports and exports between the two jurisdictions will require legal assistance commercial law and regulatory issues relating to importing and exporting goods between The Republic and The UK.

GDPR & Anglo-Irish Data Protection Laws

Lupton Fawcett has a specialist Data Protection & Regulation team.  We can support through any issues relating to the transfer of data, including a complete audit of your data protection practice, guidance on the actions required to become compliant and the practical steps required to getting there.  Policies, notices and consent forms, draft contractual arrangements for others who process data on your behalf and guidance for the transfer of data to any foreign locations.

Business immigration & Workforce Immigration Issues

Lupton Fawcett can advise and assist on visa applications and appeals for non U.K./Irish citizens travelling between the two, recognition of professional qualifications and licenses to practice trades and professions. Whatever your circumstances, our Business Immigration Solicitors will focus on your needs and recommend the correct steps to guide you through the complexities of the UK Visas and Immigration (UKVI) laws.

Anglo-Irish Business Licensing Laws

Lupton Fawcett’s Commercial Law team can provide the expertise needed for distribution agreements and outsourcing agreements surrounding changes that may be faced on transport and logistical business operations, and consider contractual requirements surrounding any impact your business may face with regards to supply chain.

Anglo-Irish Commercial Agreements & Business Contracts

We can help resolve new challenges surrounding change in certification, regulation and licensing requirements.

Anglo-Irish Banking Law & Financial Disputes

Our team of specialist banking and finance litigation experts advise lenders, financial institutions, corporate and domestic borrowers, and guarantors.  Banking and finance disputes can become incredibly complex incredibly quickly. Our specialist team of banking and finance dispute resolution solicitors have an incredible in-depth knowledge of this heavily regulated environment and niche body of law. This ensures we achieve efficient, effective results every time.

As well as the specific legal services described above, Lupton Fawcett also has dedicated teams of Commercial Lawyers with specific Industry skills and experience. Whatever industry your business operates in we can help ensure a smooth transition and successful future across and beyond the Brexit divide.

Anglo-Irish Business Sector Expertise

Our team

Our Ireland and the UK specialist offering is led by Richard Marshall, our former Managing Partner. Richard is admitted as a solicitor in both England & Wales, and in the Republic although he does not practice in the Republic.

Richard has many years’ experience of the Irish market.  He sits on the Financial and Professional Service’s Committee of the British Irish Chamber of Commerce, has a wide network in Ireland and travels regularly to Dublin and beyond.  Richard is based between Yorkshire and Kerry having homes in both locations.

Richard will be the prime relationship contact for matters relating to our Ireland and The UK Specialist Services, he will bring in relevant specialist solicitors from across the firm as necessary for specific needs.

Contact us for help

To speak to a solicitor about specialist Ireland / UK services or for advice, call us on 0333 323 5292. Alternatively, send us an email or complete the form on this page to let us know that you would like to hear from us.

Anglo-Irish Legal Services

Richard Marshall (Partner – Lupton Fawcett) with Taoiseach Leo Varadkar

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