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An injunction is a court order, which forces a party to undertake or refrain from specific actions. Anyone who fails to comply with an injunction can face having their assets seized, a substantial fine or even a prison sentence.

If you are looking to overturn or defend yourself against an injunction or are seeking to obtain one yourself, the legal team at Lupton Fawcett has the skill, expertise and in-depth knowledge required to achieve a successful outcome.

For an injunction to be granted strict criteria must be met and you can trust us to provide you with a realistic and honest assessment of your likelihood of success.  It is in your best interests to act promptly in cases involving injunctions, so we urge you to contact us as soon as possible so that we can act immediately to protect your position.

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Why Seek an Injunction?

A court injunction is sought by businesses or individuals involved in a legal dispute to maintain the existing conditions and to ensure that neither party is placed at a disadvantage while the matter remains in dispute.

We regularly act on behalf of clients involved in disputes where the need for injunctive relief arises like:

  • Intellectual property disputes
  • Shareholders claims
  • Fraud
  • Breaches of confidentiality
  • Defamation
  • Harassment
  • Property transactions
  • Trespassing
  • Breaches of restrictive covenants
  • Opposing threats to present winding up petitions

What are the Different Types of Injunction?

  • Freezing Order

A freezing order prevents another party accessing, dealing with or disposing of personal or business assets including funds held bank accounts, shares, investments or property while a matter remains in dispute.

  • Search Order

A search order permits the physical removal of items such as documents, computers, and other document storage equipment that is considered as evidence in a dispute and is likely to be disposed of once notice of a legal action is given.

  • Disclosure Order

This requires the full disclosure of any documents considered to be relevant to the ongoing legal case.

Obtaining an Injunction

If you want to apply for an injunction, it is advisable that you do so at the earliest opportunity.  At Lupton Fawcett we are proactive and effective and, on notice from you, will be incredibly swift to act. We will be decisive and forthright in our action and have all the necessary resources at hand so that your court application can be fully prepared and presented, and the resulting injunction enforced with the minimum of delay.

For the court to grant an injunction, a strong body of evidence is essential. If your application is refused, your case could be seriously damaged so it is vital that you take the correct advice from legal specialists at the earlier opportunity. We will give you a full and clear picture of your legal position and will only advise seeking an injunction order if we truly believe that it is the right course of action for you. We will be honest and upfront about how likely it is that the injunction is achievable so that you can make an informed decision in your best interests.

Providing Notice for an Injunction Application

Whether notice is provided to the defendant about an injunction application will depend on the precise circumstance and reason for the injunction but, in most cases, action is immediate, often with the hearing taking place the same day.

Defending an Injunction

Evidence is crucial if you are looking to defend an injunction order and we will leave no stone unturned in our defence of you and your position. We will be thorough and exhaustive in our preparation of all the information required and will defend you robustly against this action in court, effectively presenting practical reasons to persuade the judge to refuse the injunction.

If, as the defendant, you were not given notice of the injunction application and the injunction was granted you will need to apply to have the order overturned.

Again, we will be meticulous in our preparation of all the evidence and will be rigorous and tactical in our defence of you in court.

Why Choose Lupton Fawcett?

If you are seeking, defending or looking to overturn an injunction then it is vital that you take immediate action and contact us for legal advice.

This is an extremely technical area of the law but with Lupton Fawcett on your side you are guaranteed a team of trusted specialists with the level of skill, knowledge and experience that you deserve from your legal representation.

Combining legal expertise with commercial know-how, we understand the pressure you are under and the challenges you face. We will work diligently to secure practical and long-term solutions for you and your business, ensuring that everything runs smoothly in the future.

We are renowned for being among the best commercial lawyers in the business and are incredibly proud of our local roots, having served people and businesses across Yorkshire for more than a century. We are a friendly and approachable team who won’t bamboozle you with legal jargon, but who will instead give you the straight-forward answers and information you are looking for. We are responsive and easily contactable so that you won’t be kept waiting for a response and will feel able to call whenever you need us.

We will work tirelessly to put you ahead and protect both your commercial and personal interests, achieving the best possible outcome on your behalf.

Lupton Fawcett is an award winning, full-service legal firm that is fully accredited by the Legal 500 and Chambers UK, so you can rest assured that your case is in the hands of experts.

Our Fees

We offer a range of flexible pricing plans including fixed fees, pay as you go arrangements and the more traditional hourly charging rates. We are happy to discuss all the options available and will be upfront about all the costs involved before we begin work on your case, so that you are firmly in control and can choose a payment plan that works for you and your budget.

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