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If there are issues and disputes between you and your business partner, don’t delay in taking professional, legal advice.

A dispute between business partners can have far-reaching and long-lasting consequences so it is essential that you speak to one of our experienced lawyers with the specialist expertise required to protect your business.

Lupton Fawcett will take decisive action on your behalf to put you ahead and will provide you with clear, practical advice to resolve the current issue and safeguard your business from similar problems in the future.

To speak to a dedicated dispute resolution solicitor contact us today using the phone number at the top of this page.  Alternatively, leave your details in the enquiry form and we’ll call you back.

Our Partnership Dispute Services

Disputes can arise between business partners for any number of reasons, particularly in the absence of a partnership agreement, but the impact can be devastating if not dealt with quickly and effectively.

At Lupton Fawcett we are able to help you with:

  • Dissolution and termination of partnerships
  • Partnership agreements
  • Governance disagreements
  • Disagreements about the share of loss or profits
  • Breaches of statutory and fiduciary duties
  • Division of assets and property
  • The rights and obligations of each party
  • Partner liability
  • Misconduct
  • Suspension or removal of a partner
  • Discrimination
  • Fraud
  • Insolvency
  • Winding up the business
  • Tax matters

Our team has a wealth of experience when it comes to constructing partnership agreements, advising on partners’ rights when there is no written agreement in place and dealing with the complex issues that can arise when one or more partners seeks, or forces another partner, to leave the business. In such circumstances, the rights and obligations of both the departing and continuing partners may be central to the continued viability of the business.

Our aim is always to reduce and minimise the damage and long-term effects on your business by providing you with a fully bespoke and personalised service that recognises the specific circumstances and personal dynamics that are unique to your individual situation and dispute.

We will review the bigger picture before drilling down into the finer details to make sure that we find the most satisfactory and effective resolution.

We regularly deal with the issues that can arise in the context of traditional business partnerships as well as matters that involve limited liability partnerships (LLPs) and their memberships.

Will I Have to go to Court?

We always aim to bring any dispute to a swift conclusion to avoid a stressful, costly and lengthy litigation process.

We are strategic and tactical in our pursuit of the very best results and successfully employ Alternative Dispute Resolution (ADR) methods for a large number of our clients including:

  • Mediation
  • Arbitration
  • Negotiation

Where formal court proceedings are the only available route, as highly accomplished advocacy specialists we will be thorough and robust in our representation of you, acting with the legal and commercial specialism that you will require.

Do I Need a Partnership Agreement?

The best form of defence in any partnership dispute is a clear, written agreement that plainly addresses the following:

  • How any profit is split, based on the time, effort and capital that each partner has invested.
  • What happens if one partner should die, retire or leave the business for any reason.
  • Whether or not a partner can be forced out of the business for unacceptable behaviour.
  • How disputes should be dealt with including disciplinary procedures.
  • How key decisions within the company are made.

A clear partnership agreement will ensure that you are not simply and automatically subject to the default rules of the Partnership Act 1890, which states that:

  • There should be an equal split of the profits if partners go their separate ways.
  • The business should dissolve if one partner dies, retires or leaves the business.
  • There is no power to force the removal of someone from the business if they are imprisoned or declared bankrupt.
  • Any partner liable for the business’s profits is also responsible for any losses, extending to personal assets, unless in a limited liability partnership (LLP).

This default position clearly doesn’t work for everyone’s situation. It wouldn’t be fair for a partner to have profits split equally if they have more capital invested than the other(s) or to be forced to dissolve a business if their partner cannot or does not wish to continue.

A partnership agreement can overrule all these stipulations and means that you are not automatically subject to these default rules and can retain autonomy over how your business is run.

Why Choose Lupton Fawcett?

When it comes to dealing with partnership disputes we recognise the far reaching implications and will move to take swift action to protect your personal and commercial interests.

We understand the stress and strain you are under but will take a pragmatic approach to find practical and effective solutions to help lift the burden from your shoulders.

We are on your side and by your side, and you can be assured that you have the best people fighting your corner and supporting you throughout.

As an award winning law firm, we have a reputation for getting the job done and achieving the very best results for our clients. We are accredited by the Legal 500 and Chambers UK and provide the full range of legal services so that we can assist with all your legal requirements and queries. We are also extremely well connected across other professions so that whoever you need assistance from, we can put you on touch with the best in the business.

We are friendly, approachable and responsive and are on hand to talk to you whenever you need us.

As our client, you will be our absolute priority so if you are experiencing a partnership dispute of any kind, contact Lupton Fawcett day for first-class legal support from the professionals who really care.

Our Fees

At Lupton Fawcett we are able to offer a number of different and flexible pricing options such as fixed fees, pay as you go arrangements and the traditional hourly charging rates. We will work closely with you to establish the best pricing plan for your needs so to discuss you options, contact a member of the team.

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