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Our environment and communities

CSR is not just about sponsorship and donations to charities. It's about reducing our pollution levels, recycling, and reducing our damaging effect on the environment.

At Lupton Fawcett we operate a loan card facility to encourage staff to use public transport to travel to and from work.  We also have showers for staff who wish to cycle to work.  We encourage car sharing where possible and reduce the amount of travel between offices to a minimum.  We use video conferencing facilities rather than cause additional pollution by travelling.

We recycle printer cartridges, computers, mobile phones, collect stamps which are given to charity, have recycling bins for paper waste and unwanted items of clothing and books. 

Our printers are set to ensure all printing is done double sided to reduce paper waste and we have a Quality Project which tackles everything from reducing waste to putting in place procedures to work towards a paperless office.  Our lights are on sensors which ensure the lighting switches off when not in use, our printers are turned off every evening to reduce wastage.

Our communities

CSR also involves investing in and looking after future generations.  We provide mentoring to students from less privileged backgrounds to encourage them with their studies and consider applying for positions in the legal profession or other industries they are interested in but are struggling to break into.  We dedicate time to providing literacy and numeracy assistance for junior school age children.  We operate a work placement scheme that enables candidates from all walks of life to apply and be considered for work experience at the firm.

Our corporate responsibilities extend beyond the school years.  Many of our directors and associates dedicate their time, contacts and knowledge to various businesses and organisations by sitting on boards as trustees, directors, governors and non-executive directors.  They cover sporting, educational, commercial, not for profit, community led, music and arts based organisations amongst many other sectors of society.

We use local businesses and suppliers wherever possible for catering, events and hospitality.  We aim to support Yorkshire providers, being a Yorkshire based business.  Whilst our roots are firmly based in Yorkshire, our reputation and client base branches out across the country and beyond - after all, if you want the best advice, you need the best lawyers - and we feel that being part of our communities and getting involved in the issues that concern them helps our employees become more rounded, happier individuals which benefits us all.

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