Gender Pay Gap Reporting & Compliance Advice for Business

Similar obligations apply to the public sector from 30 April 2017. Lupton Fawcett’s team of employment lawyers is here to ensure you and your business understand the requirements and can assist you in the event you receive equal pay claims or enquiries.

Our multi-award-winning team regularly assists employers who are facing equal pay claims and enquiries and can provide guidance and training on your gender pay gap reporting requirements and outcomes. The Government expects the increased transparency to increase the speed of closure of the current pay gap between the sexes. With employees, unions, the media and public able to scrutinise the figures, organisations that fail to report or fail to take steps to improve their figures may face negative media reports, struggle to recruit and retain quality staff and, on a worst case scenario, may face having to defend a costly claim.

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The reporting requirements

Gender pay gap results must be published on the organisation’s website and uploaded to a government site annually. The information must be retained on the website for 3 years.

How can we help?

  • We offer training courses on gender pay gap reporting. The course is suitable for HR, finance and senior managers.
  • We can review your policies and procedures to ensure they are gender pay gap compliant.
  • We offer advice in respect of gender pay or equal pay queries, grievances or claims, including representation at the Employment Tribunal.
  • We offer a free employment update service called Employment Express which includes updates on gender pay and equal pay issues. To subscribe please click on the link below.
  • We can refer you to organisations who can complete your gender pay gap analysis for you. Contact Angela Gorton on or 0113 280 2026.

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Holly is an excellent employment lawyer and very committed to giving her clients an excellent service. She plays an active role in ….the legal and business community in Sheffield

Francis Woodhead

Former President, Sheffield Law Society

It has been a pleasure to work with Holly. I’ve always found her to be very approachable and obliging. She responds to my requests for support in a way that increases my understanding of the legislation that we have to act on and implement. Where there is scope for interpretation or options to consider she is forthcoming in highlighting these and I have always found her willing to spend time discussing these with me. Over the years she has been really helpful and supportive.

Sue Barraclough

Compliance Officer at Haven Insurance Company Limited

Holly is consistently rated in the Legal 500 for being “ a highly regarded tactician" with notable expertise "in the field of employment law and data protection”

Legal 500 2019

Thank you for all your help (Sabrina Rahman) with this case. You really have been so friendly and patient with me taking on this big decision in my life, making sure I understood and that it was all covered.

Miss E

‘… thank you for all your help (Sabrina) with this matter, you have been the best and I don’t know what I would have done without you.’

Mr S

"He (Andy Gilchrist) is a great lawyer. He is very thorough, detail-orientated and ensures clients understand the issues."

Chambers and Partners 2021

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Frequently Asked Questions

What do I have to publish?

Six calculations must be published

The mean average gender pay gap

The median average gender pay gap

The mean bonus gender pay gap

The median bonus gender pay gap

The proportion of men and proportion of women who received a bonus

The proportion of men and women in each quartile of the workforce based on pay

There are specific requirements as to which elements of pay are included and excluded and how pay is to be calculated. Who counts as an employee is widely defined and includes workers and some self-employed individuals.

Is the Gender Pay Gap the same as Equal Pay?

No. The Gender pay gap compares the difference in average pay between men and women in the business. Equal pay compares the pay of men and women in the same job, similar jobs or where the work is deemed to be of equal value. However, one expected consequence of gender pay reporting is a rise in enquiries, grievances and equal pay claims. Employers should, therefore, be able to explain the pay gap and consider taking steps to reduce or eliminate any pay gap.

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