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At Lupton Fawcett, we have an in-depth and detailed understanding of the interplay between social media and employment law, and frequently work with businesses to help and assist them in drafting their own workplace social media policies and also dealing with investigations and disciplinary issues concerning the misuse of social media by employees.

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Social Media Risks Explained

When it comes to social media in the workplace, there are two main risks that you should be aware of:.

  1. Staff publishing social media posts that could damage your organisation’s reputation; and
  2. Staff using social media during working hours, causing unproductivity or posing health and safety risks

To minimise any possible risks, it is important to have a social media policy in place that implements a set of rules and regulations for your employees. A social media policy can also act as the first line of defence for both employer and employees when certain issues arise. A comprehensive social media policy can outline your expectations as a business in a clear and concise manner and allow you to set strict guidelines of who can and cannot post on social media on behalf of the company. It will also reduce health and safety risks and increase productivity rates by stating when social media can and cannot be used in the workplace

Minimising Damage

When something damaging to the business has been published on social media, employers often need to act decisively and quickly in order to minimise the risk of claims or reputational damage. We work closely with clients in these circumstances in order to provide quick, effective and expert legal advice so you can manage the situation effectively.

What Should a Social Media Policy Include?

A good social media policy should be understood by all employees, and contain the following:

  • A simple explanation that social media is never private. This includes personal profiles as well as company profiles
  • Simple guidelines of what can and cannot be posted
  • The consequences for publishing damaging posts
  • Times of when social media can and cannot be used during working hours and the consequences for not following these guidelines
  • Guidelines as to whether staff can use the businesses equipment for accessing social media

How We Can Help

At Lupton Fawcett, we provide expert help, advice and assistance in dealing with the abuse and misuse of social media by staff, both within and outside the workplace.

We also regularly provide training into businesses and organisations which deals with the interplay between social media and employment law and examines the key steps that employers need to take in order to ensure that their businesses, and more importantly their employees, stay on the right side of the law.

Contact Lupton Fawcett today to find out more about our social media training and policy services.

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