Expert Legal Advice & Support for In-House Counsel

Before joining Lupton Fawcett, Ben spent 8 years in-house at Arla Foods, the UK’s largest dairy company and part of a group operating in over 100 countries worldwide.

During that time Ben was pulled from pillar to post in an ever-changing business and as a one-man band by the time he left there wasn’t much going on in the £2bn-turnover UK business which didn’t go across his desk to some extent, from anti-bribery to intellectual property, marketing compliance to supply contracts, and company secretarial work to disputes with various people up for a fight.

So you may well have been told before that your law firm of choice understands your situation, but we reckon we’ve more of a chance than most of actually being able to do so. Recalling all the idiosyncratic bumps in the road that come with the in-house role, such as navigating internal politics and conflicting priorities when working across several different departments and having to condense complex legal advice to no more than 2 brightly-coloured Powerpoint slides or it won’t be read, means Ben can not only provide advice and assistance but do so in the most effective and (where appropriate) pragmatic way.

Plus more specifically there are various clients and occasions where Ben’s first-hand experience and understanding of internal processes and external realities are particularly relevant so he instantly understands a particular concern, or can identify and factor in potential issues which may not have been considered yet.

If you want your external advisors to feel like an extension of your internal team, wouldn’t you prefer them to have sat in your chair?

How Lupton Fawcett Can Help

We generally find that in-house counsel approach us for two reasons: either the workload is even more excessive than usual and necessitates an overflow outlet to help with some of the day-to-day work, or there is a general area or more esoteric individual matter requiring a particular specialism that isn’t covered internally.

One of your in-house legal team may be on parental leave for a while, somebody might have left and it will be a few months until they are replaced, a large job could have left the team under-resourced for other matters (or would do if it weren’t outsourced), or perhaps fate has otherwise conspired to give you an unexpected spike in the volume of your work. Whatever the reason, we will be happy to share the burden, and in a variety of ways to suit your needs.

We recognise that often in this situation you simply want something off your desk in the knowledge that it is in safe hands but without taking up your time, and so we can liaise directly with your colleagues and only bother you with the information you ask for. Alternatively, we could work much more closely with you and allow you to continue to front the advice. We are also flexible on fee arrangements, and are happy to discuss any preference you have whether agreed hourly rates or some sort of retainer arrangement to have us on tap without worrying about how much of our time you are taking up.

You may also want to take advantage of the broader range of services which we as a full-service law firm are able to offer. Take a look around our website to see the many areas we can assist with and how, from corporate activity to employment and HR services, property advice to dispute resolution, and intellectual property to regulatory compliance. And if for some reason it happens that we can’t do it ourselves, we have a network of legal and non-legal connections we could recommend instead.