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Forklift truck injuries are the most common transport related accidents in the UK with around 1,300 UK employees injured or hospitalised each year.  Forklift trucks can be dangerous and so the nature of injuries involved can often be severe and compensation claims substantial.

Up to five UK workers every day suffer serious injuries at work from forklift accidents including:

  • complex fractures
  • dislocations
  • degloving
  • amputation
  • broken limbs
  • crush injuries
  • fumes inhalation related problems


Source: British Safety Council


Accidents can be serious

Due to the size and weight of a forklift and the equipment normally being transported by them, injuries can often be life-changing and traumatic. In some cases, a return to work is out of the question.

With this in mind and with more trucks being used than ever before, forklift truck compensation claims are on the rise and the value of pay-outs is also increasing.

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Forklift accidents at work – we can investigate for you.

Our investigations frequently reveal that a forklift truck accident was caused by improper practices, poor safety procedures, inadequate training or even as a result of employers (or other employees) cutting corners.

Indeed, many accidents can be avoided if the employee is provided with the correct protective clothing and the environmental conditions are suitable. So, once we get started, we can often build a solid case quite quickly with a view to claiming the maximum compensation available for the circumstances.


Common accidents

There are many ways that a forklift truck can be responsible for an injury in the workplace. The most common include:

  • toppling over due to an uneven surface
  • loads falling on those in close proximity
  • pinning somebody between the machine and an object
  • crashing into people or other vehicles
  • collisions with objects that can fall over and cause harm
  • forklifts being driven at speed or carelessly


All of the above can be prevented if appropriate measures are taken by an employer to ensure that drivers are kept safe and operate them in the correct manner.


What is my employer responsible for?

Firstly, it is an employer’s responsibility to check that forklift truck operators have undergone the correct training as required by law.

Personal protective equipment (PPE), such as fluorescent jackets, hard hats and suitable footwear, should also be provided to all operators. In addition, the machines themselves should be inspected regularly and maintained to a high standard.

Loading levels should also be monitored and approved. In fact, an overloaded forklift or a misloaded forklift is often the root cause of an accident with pallets falling from a forklift a regular occurrence.

Routes and causeways should be checked and clear before travelling to ensure there are no restrictions, including potholes, uneven flooring, obstacles and steep inclines, while supervision should be given throughout to ensure safe use.

The HSE (Health and Safety Executive) is there to make sure the ‘equipment at work regulations’ are enforced and your employer is bound by their standards.


How much can I claim for a forklift accident?

Compensation amounts vary widely, but due to the seriousness of injuries involved in a forklift accident, amounts can be high.

We have experienced lawyers who can inform you of the level of compensation you might be eligible for based on your injury.

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Forklift Truck Accident Claims Solicitors

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