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Beauty treatment claims are on the rise and as long as the industry remains unregulated, operators will continue to vary in quality.  This means salons and single operators alike are seeing an increase in compensation claims for a wide variety of ‘beauty treatments gone wrong’.


Can I claim even if I signed a treatment consent form?

Yes, you can.

Despite the industry being unregulated, there is a code of conduct and a duty of care, and each procedure should only be performed after a successful allergy or reaction test has been carried out. This pre-examination should highlight any potential issues and may of course stop the procedure going forward. This patch test treatment should be carried out by trained and qualified staff.

Of course, what it would not do is admonish the beautician from any operator error and even if you signed a consent form, which seems to be used as a ‘get of jail card’, the operator is still responsible for the safe delivery of the service and can still be held accountable.

So, even if you signed a consent form, if you have been affected by any beauty procedure then please get in touch with our personal injury team on 0330 404 6435. We can promise you a discreet and sensitive approach to your problem.

We offer FREE initial advice on making a beauty treatment compensation claim and we can represent you through the entire process should a claim be appropriate.


Which beauty treatments are most common in compensation claims?

Beautician negligence claims can occur during a number of different procedures with the most common including;


  • Chemical burns
  • Burns due to hair dyes or bleaches
  • Permanent or semi-permanent makeup mistakes
  • Bleeding suffered from a treatment
  • Botox and lip filler procedures
  • Laser treatment injuries
  • Waxing injuries or scarring
  • Allergic reaction, rashes, blemishes
  • Eye infections as a result of eyelash treatments
  • Swelling, blistering or skin irritations
  • Eyesight damage including temporary or permanent blindness
  • Real eyelashes falling out
  • Loss of hair due to treatments
  • Dizziness or even Stroke due to ‘backwash syndrome’.
  • Loss or damage to fingernails or toenails


How to claim for beauty treatments gone wrong

You should seek advice as soon as you possibly can as there is a strict three-year limit which applies from the date of treatment. Naturally, there will normally be physical evidence of any problems and you should document this, ideally with as many photos as possible.

In the first instance, you should make a formal complaint to the salon or operator in question.

We will encourage you to gather as much information as possible from the list below, but don’t worry if you don’t have everything, please do get in touch with us on 0330 404 6435 and we can guide you through the next steps.


You should seek to have the following information:

  • Time and date of the treatment
  • The type of treatment you had
  • The salon name and address
  • Any appointment record such as a text or email confirmation
  • The details of the person and the business responsible
  • Any receipts you have for the treatment
  • Pictures of the issue
  • Witnesses if any
  • Evidence of any medical treatment sought
  • Evidence of the complaint you made to the salon

We can help you collect any evidence and the more we are able to acquire then the more chance we have of a successful case.


What can I claim for?

We often find that any negligence which causes an injury will often require you to have time off work and suffer great embarrassment from your injury. You may even have had an event ruined that you were having the treatment especially for, such as a wedding or a holiday.

Other costs such as expenditure relating to travel to appointments, loss of earnings, and medical prescriptions and any remedial treatments to try and put the problem right can also be claimed for.

Whatever the situation, our medical negligence lawyers will build the strongest possible case resulting in the maximum possible claim.


How much can I claim for a beauty treatment gone wrong?

This all depends on the extent and severity of any damage caused.

Compensation can cover financial, emotional and psychological loss due to beauty treatment injuries and you will receive an amount based on the seriousness of the incident and its broader implications on your life.

All the evidence you can collect to support your case will give us the best possible chance of being successful.


Get in touch and let’s discuss your situation

The beauty industry is fast-growing and advances in technology along with demand for more and more treatments from clients means that more procedures than ever before are being carried out. In turn, this can often put salons and operators under pressure to get the treatment finished quickly.

Sadly, it can also mean that operators are rushed through training at the expense of a quality service.

However, when you visit a beauty salon you have the right to expect a professional treatment by trained and qualified staff. When this isn’t the case, it can often leave you with far-reaching and even life-changing results.

Here at Lupton Fawcett, our team of specialist personal injury solicitors understand the distress you may have suffered. We are experts in beauty treatment compensation claims and we can promise you a discreet and sensitive service.

Call our specialist team for some friendly advice on 0330 404 6435 and let’s get your claim started.

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Making a claim for compensation after a beauty treatment injury may also prevent someone else from suffering as a result of negligence.

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