Passenger Accidents & Pilliom Accident & Injury Claims

It doesn’t matter who was to blame. Normally, you were not!

If successful, compensation for your injuries will be met by the insurers of the vehicle you were in, the other driver’s insurers or the Motor Insurers Bureau.

Being involved in an accident that was not your fault can be upsetting and expensive. You may need to take time off work, resulting in loss of earnings, and or incur expenses for medical treatment and/or other expenses. Claiming compensation and alleviating the financial aspect of the accident can help reduce the stress it has caused.

Our experts are experienced in helping clients who have been involved in;

  • An accident as a car passenger
  • An accident as a passenger in a taxi
  • An accident as a train passenger
  • An accident on public transport
  • An accident as a bus passenger

When a passenger may have contributed to an accident

This is uncommon, but it’s worth mentioning. If you have contributed to the accident, you may still be entitled to compensation

Passenger accidents whilst not wearing a seatbelt

Wearing a seatbelt as a passenger is the law, and it’s important for your own safety you wear one, if possible. Of course, seat belts are not always available, on a bus or a train for example.

If you’ve been injured as a passenger in a road accident and you weren’t wearing a seatbelt, you are likely to still be able to make a compensation claim. However, you are likely to receive less compensation.

Accident as a Taxi Passenger

We would normally consider a taxi to mean a black cab or a private hire vehicle you had booked through the operator, or it could be an Uber booked using an app.

Taxi drivers are often considered self-employed, and as such are responsible for the safety and comfort of their own passengers. All vehicles are legally obliged to have Motor Insurance to cover accidents, including those where personal injury has been sustained.

What to do when you are involved in an accident

If you are able to, it’s important to get some details at the time of the accident;

  • The vehicle details (take photos of any damage and the registration)
  • The driver’s details (again take a photo of their ID, and the driver if possible)
  • The name, address and policy number of the insurers of the responsible vehicle
  • The road conditions (take a few images of the surrounding roads and the scene of the accident)
  • Time, date and location of the incident
  • Photos of any other cars involved (if you were hit by another vehicle for example)
  • Details of the driver of any other vehicle involved
  • See if there are any witnesses and ask if they are happy to give you their details

Accident as a car passenger

If you are a passenger in a car involved in an accident in which you sustain an injury and financial loss, then you are likely to have a legal right to claim compensation.

If the driver of the vehicle in which you were travelling was at fault, then you would make a claim against their insurer. If another vehicle was to blame, you would make a claim against the driver of the other vehicle involved.

It’s important to remember that drivers have a duty to drive carefully and prevent accidents. However, they are called accidents good reason; they are not intentional, so don’t worry if the driver is a friend or family member. Remember it won’t cost the individual any money directly as any compensation awarded to you would be paid directly by their insurer.

Accident as a passenger on public transport

These might be more common than you think and accidents on public transport are a regular occurrence.

Public transport injuries are most commonly the result of accidents involving buses, coaches, trains, trams and examples include;

  • Falling overdue to wreckless driving
  • Injuries sustained following the driver pulling away too soon after a passenger either boards or leaves the transport
  • Whiplash suffered due to a road traffic accident

Most transport companies are well insured through specialist providers and our expert compensation lawyers are well versed in the process of making claims against them.

Next Steps

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