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Flexible Pricing

Lupton Fawcett's Managing Partner, Jonathan Oxley, explains how a more flexible pricing structure is enabling us to provide better value to our clients.

We are conscious that pricing needs to be a more collaborative process. Having listened closely to our clients, it is clear to us that they prefer flexibility and choice. So, in-line with this feedback, we have developed a new pricing process that ensures your business always receives good value on your terms. This process is structured around the following principles:

  • A move away from a cost plus mentality and a real effort to reduce production costs;

  • Greater cost consciousness - “spending” our clients' money with care, as if it were out own;

  • A wide choice of pricing and payment options;

  • More client involvement and engagement in pricing;

  • Complete transparency;

  • Fixed pricing as an option and fewer hidden costs to enable better budget planning;

  • A closer correlation between price and the value of the results achieved;

  • A willingness to share price risk with out clients. 

Key to our new process is a clearer understanding of what is important to your business and which services interest you. This in turn ensures that you only ever pay for the services you want and need. 

We would also like to explore the extent to which you share the risk in pricing and the extent to which you might prefer certainty. We can then develop bespoke pricing and payment choices to match 

As I am sure you will appreciate, rolling out a new pricing model can be a time-consuming and complex process However, we're already making good progress and some clients are already benefiting from the change. Rest assured, our roll-out will continue through out the next twelve months: and within the next year, we hope to bring all of our clients the same flexible pricing options.


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