Legal Advice & Guidance for COO's & Operation Directors

As such, you occupy a crucial role within the business that must blend core management skills to ensure the senior management team are happy, with the practical skills required to keep your entire business operation running smoothly.

This remit extends right across the business and you might be setting financial budgets in the morning and dealing with HR issues in the afternoon.

At Lupton Fawcett we understand that such a broad role requires the need for an expert team of advisors who are on your side and there when you need them most.

Key areas a senior operations manager will oversee include:

  • Managing financial targets and ensuring they are met
  • Agreeing operations targets across a number of departments
  • Assessing and reviewing working procedures so the business is running efficiently
  • Creating new working procedures to improve efficiency
  • Ensuring health and safety practices and procedures are in order
  • Implementing training programmes which keep staff motivated
  • Investigating customer satisfaction issues
  • Liaising with senior management
  • Driving efficiency to increase profits
  • Working with the legal team on issues that arise
  • Reviewing and approving equipment needs
  • Managing compliance risk assessments
  • Planning and monitoring change
  • Implementing and managing quality assurance programmes
  • Researching new technologies and alternative methods of efficiency
  • Setting, reviewing and managing budgets
  • Overseeing logistics, stock and facilities

The role is a broad one.

That’s quite a brief and some of those roles seem like full-time positions in themselves.

One of the key areas to highlight is you will be working with heads of departments across the entire business and addressing any legal issues that arise.

You’ll almost certainly be brought in no matter which department has the problem and you’ll be expected to demonstrate a reasonable level of understanding.

With this in mind, Lupton Fawcett can offer a training programme to assist you in being up to speed on a broad range of legal issues. You can also draft us in to advise on specific cases as and when they crop up.

We can offer:

  • in-house training to you and your team
  • ad-hoc advice

If you’d like to discuss a training programme or discuss a specific issue you are experiencing, please call on 0330 404 6412 and we’ll be happy to advise you.

Compliance obligations in your company.

A risk assessment in accordance with compliance procedures should be carried out regularly to recognise major risks and you’ll be responsible for identifying and mitigating those risks.

This requires a proactive approach which can of course help in your defence should an issue arise. Areas coming under scrutiny include; working standards and practices, pay equality, human rights, insurance, work relations and health and safety.

Compliance hearings are common and will seek to establish whether an organisation, or indeed a senior person within that organisation who is responsible for compliance, has met the required standards. This can put you squarely in the firing line and it’s important you have the right advice to hand.

If you have a specific issue, or would simply like to discuss being proactive in compliance then please call our team on 0330 404 6412 and we can discuss your position.

Data Protection/GDPR requirements and the law.

This area of corporate governance recently became a lot more onerous.

GDPR has us all running around trying to protect ourselves against the threat of misusing any element of data. This applies to all data held within a company and it was no easy undertaking as many of the rules and regulations were indeed brand new.

It’s true, many of these regulations were brought in to defend us all against the big boys such as Google and Facebook. It’s also true that the risk of someone suing you for data misuse seems very low. That said, making sure your company complies with GDPR and continues to do so is a corporate requirement and can easily fall within your job description.

Lupton Fawcett’s team of data protection solicitors provide a full range of advice.

You can read more on your GDPR obligations here on our GDPR Data Protection page, but please feel free to call for a chat on 0330 404 6412 and we can assess your current position together.

Regulatory and corporate defence.

Lupton Fawcett has a team of experienced regulatory and corporate defence solicitors, with a proven track record in defending businesses and their senior people when facing investigation or prosecution for regulatory offences.

All businesses are ruled by the same regulations. This can range from health and safety within your workplace, to how you dispose of and manage your businesses waste.

Investigations resulting in prosecutions can occur when there are alleged breaches of your duties and obligations, or more generally where failure to meet the minimum required legal standard is evident.

Such breaches and failures can be criminal offences and can result in prosecution through the criminal courts.

We can offer great peace of mind in helping you understand your current level of regulatory compliance or help you on a specific issue you’d like to discuss. Please call on 0330 404 6412 and we’ll be happy to add clarity on your situation.

Further reading can be found here on our Regulatory and Corporate Defence page.

Health and Safety regulations within the business.

Finally, an article on a Senior Operations Manager’s role within a company wouldn’t be complete without the mention of Health& Safety. No doubt a term that follows you around every day and you can’t go more than a few steps within the business without some kind of ‘breach’ sending you into a mental frenzy.

Accidents do happen though and such claims against companies are commonplace, meaning you can easily find yourself in court despite implementing a rigorous health and safety environment in your workplace.

How Lupton Fawcett Can Help?

We know it’s incredibly hard to keep up with the fast-moving changes that come with the territory of occupying a Senior Operations role law, so whether you are dealing with a specific case or simply looking to say in front of the ever-changing legislation for your own protection, we can help.

Please call us on 0330 404 6412 to discuss your requirements.

We can also offer up to date legal training for you and your team which can be delivered either in-house or from one of our offices.

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