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New Premises Licence

Under the Licensing Act 2003 all premises (defined in the Act as a vehicle, vessel or moveable structure or any place or part of any premises) must have a licence to carry out a licensable activity on a permanent basis. Licensable activities are the sale or supply of alcohol, late night refreshment and regulated entertainment.

Due to the ever increasing number of licensed premises and anti social behaviour that often comes with them, Local Authorities are making it increasingly difficult for new premises licences to be obtained unless they will adhere to the Local Authorities strict licensing policies. Instructing an expert solicitor from the start will ensure that such conditions are met and that your application is granted straight away; saving your business costs and time.


Our specialist team will handle the entire application process from initial advice to submission. Our team has good relationships with the Local Authorities and therefore a solid understanding of the licensing policies that are operated. Our team will complete the application forms and in particular the Operating Schedule and Licensing Objectives part of the forms which must be detailed.


Before the application is submitted our team can liaise with the relevant authorities in order to establish if there are any specific conditions that they expect to be implemented or any potential problems that may be encountered. This early contact aims to ensure that applications are granted the first time and prevent any objections from being made.

Once submitted, the premises licence application must be properly advertised and our expert team can assist in ensuring that provisions of the Licensing Act are adhered to.

If any objections are made that can't be resolved then a hearing may be necessary and at Lupton Fawcett we can instruct specialist advocates to attend such hearings.

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