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Small claims - fixed fee service

At Lupton Fawcett we are conscious that all too often business owners will be told that “small claims” cases are “too expensive” or “disproportionate” to pursue through the courts

Often though those debts you are chasing are significant sums of money for your business and may have a serious impact on the business or its cash flow if not recovered. 

That is why we have created a new Small Claims Fixed Fee Service, which aims to give you the advice and assistance your business needs, without the prohibitive costs that are usually involved. 

We can act for you or your business in the ‘Small Claims Court’ for a fixed fee, which will vary depending on the level of assistance you require from us.  

Full details of the service and the fees involved can be found here.  In short, 3 levels of assistance are offered: 

  • Basic – well suited to especially low-value claims, or for people who have some prior experience of the Small Claims Court and require only minimal assistance; 
  • Standard – this will be suitable for most Small Claims cases; or 
  • Superior – for complicated cases, with multiple witnesses, complex legal issues or a counterclaim perhaps, or for people with no prior knowledge of the Small Claims Court. 

So, if you have an existing “Small Claims Court” case or a contested debt of less than £10,000 that you need some assistance with, why not contact Dan Elsworth or Daniel Edwards or get in touch using the details below. We have offices in Leeds, Sheffield and York.

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  • At last it is all at an end, and we are happy with the outcome. We would like to thank you and the team for giving control back to our lives, god knows where we would be, also for your professionalism and counselling to guide us through this horrendous ordeal we do thank you, it was worth every penny.

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    David Haywood, Former Minority Shareholder in Haywood and Padgett Limited
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