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Accidents at Work Compensation Claims Solicitors

Considering the variety of employment in factories, offices, construction sites etc. it's amazing that we don't get more accidents at work causing personal injury. Despite their best intentions, employers sometimes get it wrong and an employee has an accident at work and suffers personal injury.

It is the law that all employers must take out insurance to cover this. Everyone makes mistakes, but sometimes an apology is not enough when you have suffered personal injury. You are entitled to compensation, paid by the Insurance Company, for which the employer has already paid an insurance premium.

So you see, the employer doesn't pay, the insurer does. Most employers are savvy enough to recognise that where personal injury has occurred, compensation is due and many encourage the employee to bring a claim for compensation for personal injury against the insurer. That is the point of the policy.

Claiming damages for your injury at work is simple. We have dedicated, experienced teams of lawyers dealing with accident at work claims. Call us today on 0333 323 5292 to find out whether you are entitled to compensation. You can get in touch with us by sending us an email or filling in our online form.

Manual Handling Accidents

All employees MUST be trained how to manually handle and lift loads. That’s the Law. They also have to have regular updates to their training. Where possible and not totally impracticable, lifting aids must be supplied.

If you have sustained an injury due to the manual handling of a load during your employment, you may be able to make a claim. We will do all the hard work, looking through risk assessments, training records etc. which we will get from your employers, and you can concentrate on getting better!

Work Accidents - Did you know......?

  • According to the Health and Safety Executive, whilst rates of injury have reduced over the past decade, an estimated 603,000 workers had an accident at work in 2010/2011. Fortunately only 25,000 were classed as "major" injuries, but that is still a big figure.
  • Manual handing injuries are the most commonly reported kind of accident at work.
  • More than half of fatal injuries were caused by being hit by a vehicle, falling objects or falling from a height.
  • About two million working days were lost due to handling accidents or tripping and slipping. New workers are at a higher risk of personal injury than established workers. The risk is four times higher for workers in their first month of employment

With offices in Leeds, Sheffield and York, we can offer our personal injury services either on a face-to-face basis, by post or email. For information, call our accident at work solicitors on 0333 323 5292, send us an email or fill out our online form.

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