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Claim for a Work Accident Caused by Inadequate or Non-Existent Training

Training is not only a way of explaining to people how to work, it is also a necessary requirement for letting people know about basic safety procedures in the workplace, so they can prevent accidents from happening. Unfortunately, some employers fail to meet these requirements, resulting in injuries. If you have been involved in an incident caused by your own, or somebody else’s lack of training, you could be entitled to compensation.

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Examples of lack of training

All jobs require training as people need particular skills to fulfill their roles and keep safe. It is an employer’s responsibility to provide this training to the best of their ability, and ensure that supervision is given. Training is required if you are asked to carry out the following tasks:

  • use machinery;
  • use tools;
  • lift heavy objects;
  • drive a vehicle;
  • work at a height.

Without the necessary training, employees will not have an understanding of the precautions to take, which can result in a worker injuring him or herself or someone else.

What you can claim for

If you have been involved in an accident that was caused by lack of training of either you, or a fellow employee, then your employer has failed their legal obligation to keep you safe whilst at work, and you could be entitled to compensation. Injuries caused by inadequate training can leave you unable to work, in incredible amounts of pain, and facing unexpected expenses.

Compensation can be sought to provide support by covering:

  • loss of earnings
  • medical bills
  • rehabilitation costs
  • psychological damage
  • home or transport adaptations  

Case study - cut from a hook blade stanley knife

The Claimant was employed as a roofer/labourer. He was cutting felt using a hook blade Stanley knife when his hand slipped and he suffered a severe laceration to his left hand. Our client stated that that he was untrained and was not provided with suitable personal protective equipment. Liability was denied and the Defendants alleged that the claimant was not instructed to carry out the task and removed the gloves which were provided. There was a dispute of facts; however, liability was eventually compromised on a 65/35 basis in our client’s favour. The injury resulted in a severed tendon which was surgically repaired but ruptured 8 weeks later. A secondary reconstruction was required and thereafter further surgical management by tenolysis, reefing and removal of foreign material.The Claimant was off work for lengthy periods following each surgery and is unable to return to roofing type work. Settlement terms agreed post issue.

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