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Scaffolding Accident Claims

Scaffolding is designed to allow construction workers to safely work at a height, and there are strict regulations that need to be followed to ensure those erecting and working on the structures are kept from harm. Unfortunately, accidents do happen which can leave those involved seriously injured. If you have been involved in an accident caused by defective or unsafe scaffolding, you might be entitled to compensation.

At Lupton Fawcett, our personal injury team has helped many victims who have been injured due to a third party. For more information, or to start a scaffolding accident claim today, contact us on 0333 323 5292, or fill in the contact form to the right-hand side and a solicitor will be in touch shortly.

Common accidents

The majority of construction workers use scaffolding safely, however, there are many ways that accidents can happen, including:

  • tripping or falling;
  • sustaining injuries from collapsing scaffolding;
  • falling through weak planking;
  • being hit by loads falling off the scaffolding.

Your employer’s responsibilities

It is an employer’s duty to ensure that scaffolding is erected and used correctly by providing adequate training to workers, and making sure safety procedures are in place. Other requirements include:

  • stable and firm footings;
  • regular inspections;
  • barriers and handrails;
  • suitable protection on the edges;
  • a safe means of access.

If your employer has failed to adhere to health and safety practices and you have been injured, speak to a solicitor to discuss making a claim for compensation.

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