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Beauty Treatment Injury Claims

The beauty industry in the UK has grown rapidly over the years and a visit to the beautician has become a standard part of the preparation process for all kinds of events, especially before special occasions such as weddings. However, the beauty treatment industry is still largely unregulated, and injuries are on the rise.

Common injuries

The chemicals in many beauty products can cause serious problems and, unless they are applied by experienced therapists, an injury can occur. Accidents can also be caused by inappropriate use of, or faulty, equipment. Results of accidents in salons include:

There is an irony about injuries caused by beauty treatments, and many people feel that they have been emotionally scarred, often in addition to physical scarring. Compensation can be claimed to reduce the effects, as well as cover the cost of any corrective surgery or treatment and loss of earnings should a victim need to take time out of the workplace to recover.

Make a claim

Making a claim for compensation after a beauty treatment injury may also prevent someone else from suffering as a result of negligence. 

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