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Head and Brain Injury Causes

Road traffic accidents are the single largest cause of head injuries. Other common causes include falls, assaults and sports injuries.

It is advisable to wear protective headgear when on bicycles or motorbikes and when playing contact sports to reduce the risk of head injury.

Most head injuries are minor, but over one million people each year in the UK need emergency medical treatment as a result of head injuries. One in four of these need to be admitted to hospital.

An injury to the head can be potentially serious and requires early assessment. Such an injury can result in concussion (shaking up of the brain inside the skull), damage to the brain tissue or blood vessels or even a fracture of the skull.

Some head injuries may produce compression of the brain (cerebral compression), which is life-threatening.

Compression almost invariably requires surgery. It occurs when there is a build-up of pressure on the brain. This pressure may be due to a number of causes, such as an accumulation of blood within the skull or swelling of injured brain tissues. It is therefore important to be able to recognise possible signs of compression and fracture.

How to recognise signs of potentially serious head injury

  • Deteriorating level of response
  • Lack of consciousness
  • Drowsiness
  • Severe headache
  • Noisy breathing
  • Weakness or paralysis on one side
  • Irritability/disorientation
  • High temperature

Head injury, more so than any other Personal Injury, can ruin people's lives. Case management, planning, needs and rehabilitation will all be required and at Lupton Fawcett, we have the skill, experience and contacts to assist with ensuring that the patient will receive crucial treatment and compensation to secure our client financially for the future.

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