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Defective Medicine Claims

Medicine treats a variety of diseases and illnesses, and with the correct dosage and administration can help to significantly improve the lives of patients. However, almost every medicine can result in side effects, and these should always be considered by medical professionals and patients alike.

It is the responsibility of medicine manufacturers to ensure these products are safe and effective, and that packages are clearly labelled to identify any potential risks involved with taking them. However, if this responsibility is neglected, the person taking the medicine may sustain a serious injury or illness as a result, which can lead to long-term, chronic disease, or even death.

At Lupton Fawcett, we have dealt with a number of product liability cases involving medicine, so we are best placed to help if you have been affected by substandard medical products. Speak to a member of the team today by calling 0333 323 5292, or fill in our online claims form and a member of the team will get back to you.

About your claim

While most medicines can have side effects, the aim is to make these as mild as possible so they do not overly impact the life of the patient too much. Potential side effects should be mentioned in any literature - such as on the packaging and information leaflet - that accompanies the medicine, so the patient is aware of them.

Examples of medicines that have led to serious illnesses for patients include:

  • Tamiflu
  • Statins
  • Aspirin

In addition, homeopathic and herbal medicines have been known to cause serious side effects for those taking them.

While this list highlights medicines that are commonly cited in this type of product liability case, your circumstances may be different and we still want to hear from you.

Everyone’s reaction to medicine is different, with some people experiencing more severe side effects than others. Some find they have very little trouble with a medicine, while others can be seriously affected.

Usually, the risk of side effects can be impacted by the following factors:

  • Age
  • Gender
  • Dosage
  • Current state of health
  • Any other medicines the patient is taking

About defective medicine claims


Making a compensation claim does not mean you are taking money directly from a company’s funds. All businesses are legally required to have insurance policies in place to protect themselves in case of incidents such as these.

If your claim is successful...

The money you receive will come from this insurance policy. Very often, people feel worried about making a claim, but this should not be the case.

Why should I claim?

The purpose of compensation is to help your life to return to normal as much as possible following a distressing incident.

In cases where an injury has left you unable to work and with no other source of income, claiming compensation can help you pay the bills until you are back on your feet.

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