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Accidents in Public Places

Wherever you are in public, someone is responsible for your safety, whether that’s the owner of a restaurant or supermarket, or the local council if you’re on the street or in a park. Those in charge have a legal duty to minimise the risk of an injury on their premises, and if they fail to adhere to health and safety legislation, and you’re involved in an accident, you could make a public liability claim.

Our expert solicitors are experienced in helping those who have been involved in an accident in a public place make a claim for compensation. To speak to one of our experts, call 0333 323 5292 today. Alternatively, fill in a contact form and we will be in touch shortly to discuss your case.

Where can accidents take place?

Injuries are not restricted to one location, but the most common places accidents are likely to happen include:

Owners and authorities in charge of public premises should adhere to rules laid out by the Health and Safety Executive to avoid incidents resulting in injuries. However, accidents do happen and those in charge should have insurance to cover the cost of compensation.

How can we help?

We have a team of friendly, dedicated and knowledgeable personal injury solicitors that have handled many similar claims, and will fight to get you the compensation you deserve.

Our lawyers will keep you informed throughout the entire process, discussing your options with you and explaining what is happening in terms that are easier to understand.

Compensation awarded can be used to help towards expenses that crop up following accidents, including loss of earnings, medical treatment, rehabilitation, as well as the pain and suffering caused.

Case study - £195,000 settlement

We were instructed by the claimant following a tripping accident on a broken/uneven paving stone in which she suffered a physical injury to her ankle which progressed to her developing a pain syndrome, meaning she was unable to work and had to leave the job she had been in for many years and was effectively disabled.  After several years and the matter being only 1 week away from trial the claim was successfully settled for £195,000.

Case study - foot injury due to falling sign 

We represented a Claimant who was standing with her 2-year-old grandson, waiting to collect her granddaughter from a nearby school. Her grandson ran around the base of the water apparatus marker sign which, suddenly and without warning, fell onto the Claimant's foot.

The Claimant sustained a multi-fragmentary intra-articular fracture involving the interphalangeal joint in the distal phalanx of her left great toe. The Defendant, Anglian Water Services Ltd, denied liability and stated the base had been pulled out of the ground by an unknown cut and then placed into the ground with only a shallow concrete base. 5 weeks before trial the defendant's solicitors accepted the offer to settle of £4,000.

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