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Motorbike Accident Claim Solicitors

We specialise in accidents involving motorcycles and have dedicated teams to deal with your claim. The motorcycle rider is especially vulnerable on today’s roads and despite great improvements in motorcycle technology and design and safety gear, injuries following a collision are, unfortunately, almost unavoidable.

Statistics have shown that motorcyclists are approximately 28 times more likely to be killed or seriously injured on the roads in Great Britain than car drivers.

Many motorcycle accidents occur through the mistake (negligence) of car drivers, who just do not seem to have bikers in their thoughts at all. How many times have we heard “sorry mate, I didn’t see you” following an accident where a car has manoeuvred into the path of an oncoming motorcycle. The problem is that there is often a presumption that the biker was the negligent one (he just came from nowhere!) and that he was speeding.

How we can help

We have an excellent knowledge of all the appropriate legal cases surrounding motorcycle accident claims which allow us to rebut this presumption. We have connections with accident reconstruction experts who can calculate distance and velocity to help us get to the truth of the matter.

Because injuries can be severe it is important that the lawyers acting on your behalf are experienced and skilled in assessing the right amount of damages for your personal injury.

In motorcycle accidents claims, more so than any other traffic injury claim, expert legal advice is essential. Get in touch with one of our specialists based in Leeds, Sheffield and York today by calling us on 0333 323 5292, sending us an email or filling out our online form.

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