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Pedestrian Accident Claim Solicitors

On today's roads, pedestrians are highly vulnerable.

Vehicles can be extremely dangerous if not handled correctly and being hit by tons of metal travelling at speed has to have consequences. Injuries are inevitable and damages substantial. We have an impressive history of securing substantial compensation for pedestrians involved in an accident.

Most claims by pedestrians are successful, because car drivers owe a greater duty of care to ensure the safety of pedestrians.

Case study: hit by a car while crossing the road

We were instructed by the Claimant, aged 69 year old at the time of the accident, and who had been struck by a vehicle whilst crossing the road. The client sustained a fractured clavicle and fractured dislocation of the right proximal humerus. The injury resulted in permanent reduced range of movement and limited flexion. Liability was denied. After lengthy negotiations, an agreement was reached on liability. A Personal Injury Trust was set up to prevent the settlement being eroded by any future care costs. The amount awarded was £200,000.

Case study: fatal accident, £28,000

The Claimant, aged 74 years, was helping her husband (the Defendant) reverse out of their home driveway. The Claimant was standing on the nearside of the vehicle directing the Defendant. The Defendant had sufficiently reversed, therefore the Claimant made her approach back to the vehicle. Unfortunately, the Defendant, instead of pressing the brake, pressed the accelerator, the passenger door which was open knocked the Claimant under the vehicle resulting in the vehicle driving over her. 

The Claimant sustained multiple serious injuries consisting of broken ribs, punctured lung and diaphragm, injury to her leg requiring plastic surgery, internal bleeding to her liver, various cuts and bruises.  The Claimant was airlifted to hospital.

She remained in a critical care for several weeks and was then transferred to a high dependency unit. The Defendant since passed away and the claim was dealt with on a without prejudice basis - settlement was reached at £28,000.00

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