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Civil Partnerships

The purpose of a civil partnership is to allow couples to enjoy similar rights and responsibilities to that of married couples. If a relationship should break down, our solicitors are here to provide legal advice.

At Lupton Fawcett, our family law team has extensive experience in civil partnership legislation and can assist couples who are entering into, or facing the end of a civil partnership.

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Dissolution of a civil partnership

If you wish to end a civil partnership, circumstances of a breakdown must be demonstrated to the court. This includes:

  • your partner displaying abuse or another form of unacceptable behaviour, excluding adultery
  • you and your partner living apart for over two years, and agreeing to a dissolution
  • you and your partner living apart for over five years, with only one party wanting to end the relationship
  • your partner deserting you over two years ago

How does civil partnership dissolution work?

Dissolution of a civil partnership is handled in a similar manner to divorce in that arrangements can be made to cover property, finances, assets and children. The court will take the following into account when making decisions:

  • Children’s welfare
  • The financial situation of both parties
  • The requirements and obligations of each party
  • Your standard of living
  • The duration of a civil partnership
  • Any disabilities suffered by one or both parties
  • Any unacceptable behaviour demonstrated

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