Pricing structure and policies

We appreciate that our clients do not like surprises, that they like to have transparency with fees, and that they value a firm which is prepared to share risks with its clients.

We recognise that our clients do not want to pay just for a lawyer’s time but want to feel that they are getting good advice and receiving added value and effective solutions together with a responsive and empathetic service.

We price our services on the quality of the service that we deliver to you and the value you receive.

We are conscious that pricing needs to be a collaborative process. Having listened closely to our clients, it is clear to us that they prefer flexibility and choice. So, in-line with this feedback, we have developed a pricing process that ensures your business always receives good value on your terms. This process is structured around the following principles:

  • a move away from a cost-plus mentality and a real effort to reduce production costs;
  • cost consciousness – “spending” our clients’ money with care, as if it were our own;
  • a wide choice of pricing and payment options;
  • more client involvement and engagement in pricing;
  • complete transparency;
  • fixed pricing as an option and fewer hidden costs to enable better budget planning;
  • a close correlation between price and the value of the results achieved; and
  • a willingness to share price risk with our clients.
  • Below are some of the current pricing structures for some of our services: