Our CSR policy

We aim to abide by the following charter in support of our CSR responsibilities:

Our clients
  • commit to provide a high-quality service
  • seek to add value and provide commercial solutions
  • create transparent business relations, including our charging structure
  • provide an effective complaint handling process
  • ensure complete respect for client privacy and confidentiality
  • strictly enforce our anti-money laundering policy
Our staff
  • adopt a selection and recruitment policy open to a wide pool of applicants  
  • ensure that levels of salaries are commensurate with our marketplace
  • introduce family friendly policies wherever possible and provide support for working parents
  • offer clear opportunities for career progression
  • provide training and development to all members of staff
  • ensure full compliance with health and safety requirements and produce an annual report for all stakeholders as to health and safety compliance
  • create a friendly, supportive and blame-free working environment
  • publish a comprehensive staff handbook setting out clearly the rights and expectations of all members of staff
  • encourage full and frank communications at all levels within the practice
  • encourage the use of public transport to and from the office and on all office business
  • promote healthy living and wellbeing
Our Directors
  • ensure that Directors receive a commercial return for the investment and risks in the financing of the practice
  • adopt a comprehensive partnership deed setting out clear rights and responsibilities of each Director to the practice
  • ensure a smooth transfer to retirement with appropriate return of capital (and ultimately payment for goodwill)
Our suppliers
  • create clear contractually based arrangements
  • commit to timely payment of all due invoices
  • seek long term relationships to the benefit of our clients
  • consider the CSR policy of our suppliers in the selection process
Our professional community
  • maintain a reputation as a practice of the highest integrity and honesty
  • develop good working relationships with other law firms, by sharing good practice and working towards common objectives
  • demonstrate commitment to our local Law Societies and Chambers of Commerce, local branches of national bodies such as the CBI and IoD and other relevant professional bodies and organisations set up to promote our local business communities
Wider society and the community
  • recycle our surplus office equipment and furniture for the benefit of the community
  • participate in charitable gifts and community investment where appropriate and possible
  • provide pro bono services for relevant organisations
  • adopt environmentally friendly policies, including waste minimisation
  • encourage members of staff to engage with local communities and charities
  • offer work experience opportunities

Each year we aim to review our progress in each of the above areas and consider the introduction of further appropriate measures of Corporate Social Responsibility.

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