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Our Civil Dispute Resolution Solicitors help clients resolve disputes they are facing across a wide range of situations including at work, with a neighbour, or in relation to a product or service. If you are involved in a dispute of any kind, it pays to have an experienced solicitor on your side.

Unless you receive the right advice about pursuing or defending your claim and winning costs back from your opponent, the legal process can seem daunting and can end up being incredibly costly.

Our Litigation Solicitors and Civil Disputes team draw on decades of experience supporting individuals, families, and businesses throughout our local communities in Yorkshire and across the UK too.

Whether you’re issuing a claim or defending civil litigation proceedings, we’re here to fight your corner and endeavour to achieve the best possible outcome for you.

We will work closely with you from the outset to identify your needs, define legally enforceable and affordable outcomes, and help you choose the right solution.

Contact us today for a free initial consultation and find out more about how we can help in your specific circumstances.

What is Litigation in Civil Matters?

Litigation is the final step in settling civil disputes in court between two parties. In Civil Litigation cases, there is usually one party (the plaintiff) that is seeking compensation (financial or otherwise) from another party (the defendant).

Civil Litigation cases can be settled out of court and this is by far the preferred method of resolving disputes of this nature due to the increased level of control of how matters are decided and lower costs.

Experience Across a Wide Range of Civil Litigation Matters

We provide advice on a wide range of legal issues to clients around Yorkshire and beyond from our offices in Leeds, York, and Sheffield. For an initial discussion on the specific details of your case, get in touch with our solicitors today using the phone number at the top of this page, or leave your details through the contact form and we’ll call you back.

Agency Disputes

Our commercial litigation solicitors have many years of experience in all aspects of agency law and are committed to helping clients achieve an early and amicable resolution to any disputes.

Banking and Finance Litigation

Our specialist banking and finance litigators advise lenders, financial institutions, corporate and domestic borrowers, and guarantors.

We work closely with our non-contentious banking and finance team, allowing us to provide the highest and most comprehensive level of service to our clients.

Our disputes team specialises and deals with a wide range of financial disputes, including:

Civil Fraud Asset Recovery

Our Civil Fraud Asset Recovery Unit provides corporate and individual victims of fraud with a team of specialists dedicated to quickly protecting their assets and maximising the recovery of any losses.  Contact us today.

Construction, Building and Engineering Disputes

Legal disputes of any kind can not only be costly and time-consuming but incredibly stressful as well. For professional advice on all types of construction and engineering related disputes, and to avoid delays to your project and escalating costs, contact our team of trusted solicitors today, for a quick and effective resolution

Consumer and Retail Disputes

When a person feels that there is a problem with the goods or services they have purchased, it is important that action is taken properly to address the dispute with the seller.  Contact us to discuss your rights and remedies available to you.

Contract Disputes

If you are involved in or can foresee a potential contract dispute, then you should take professional legal advice as early as possible to minimise its impact on you and your business.

Disputed Wills and Estates

The Disputed Wills and Estates team at Lupton Fawcett is experienced in handling difficult, emotionally charged situations. Our aim is to make often extremely distressing issues as pain-free as possible.

We have one of the UK’s leading teams in this area of law.

Financial Mis-selling

Our disputes and civil litigation solicitors have a proven track record of successfully obtaining compensation in a range of cases involving mis-sold financial products.  We have a particular experience in dealing with mis-sold interest rate hedging products (swaps and collars) by various high street banks and we also advise and represent clients in relation to mis-sold pensions, mortgages, and other financial products.

Healthcare and Care Home Fee Disputes

Our experience dealing with care home disputes has led to the development of a number of key relationships with specialist healthcare professionals, such as healthcare accountants, that we are able to call upon in order to assist our clients to achieve their goals.

Inheritance Act Claims

The Inheritance Act 1975 is designed to protect any dependents of the deceased who have not been adequately provided for by the original will or the rules of intestacy if a valid will has not been made.

Our inheritance specialists will review your full circumstances and can advise if you are eligible to make a claim.

Trusts Disputes

If you need assistance or advice in respect of any disputes involving trusts, our specialist team can help. We are able to assist both trustees and beneficiaries

Insurance Disputes

The Insurance Dispute Lawyers at Lupton Fawcett have years of experience in dealing with complex, high-volume insurance disputes and are ready to help you.

We work with insurers, policyholders, and underwriters helping to resolve a broad range of insurance disputes.


If you are looking to overturn or defend yourself against an injunction or are seeking to obtain one yourself, the legal team at Lupton Fawcett has the skill, expertise and in-depth knowledge required to achieve a successful outcome.

Judicial Reviews

Judicial review is a procedure by which the decisions of public bodies such as government ministers and departments, industry regulators, and local authorities can be challenged through the courts.  If you are impacted by a decision made by a public body, and you feel that the decision has not been reached in the right way, you might be able to seek a judicial review to reassess that decision.  It can be time-consuming and complex, so the right lawyer is key to building the strongest case and maximising your chance of success.

Partnership Disputes

If there are issues and disputes between you and your business partner, don’t delay in taking professional, legal advice.

A dispute between business partners can have far-reaching and long-lasting consequences.  Speak to one of our experienced lawyers with the specialist expertise required to protect your business.

Professional Negligence

A failure by a professional to do their job correctly can have significant consequences for your finances, property, and personal health. You may be entitled to claim compensation for losses you have suffered and the wider consequences of the negligence.

Property Disputes

We advise both landlords and tenants on all legal issues to do with residential property.

Disagreements between landlords and tenants often arise due to contractual breaches on either side.  Whatever your circumstances, our landlord solicitors can provide you with expert advice to help bring your dispute to a swift conclusion.

Renewables Disputes

In the event of a dispute with a renewable energy supplier, the leading Civil Litigation Lawyers at Lupton Fawcett are able to provide expert legal advice, tailored to your situation.  Whether the issues relate to professional negligence, contract disputes, system failures, or something else, we can help.

Retention of Title Disputes

Retention of title clauses will state that ownership of the goods remains with you unless and until payment is received from the customer. It will also give you the right to recover the goods once payment is overdue.

At Lupton Fawcett, we believe in solving commercial disputes as quickly and efficiently as possible to avoid disturbances to your business and unnecessary expense and worry.  We can provide advice and assistance on both drafting retention of title clauses and enforcing them.

For more information on how we can help call us today or complete our online enquiry form for a quick response from a member of our team.

Small Claims Cases

The small claims court deals with claims up to a monetary value of £10,000. If you are considering making a small claim or have had a claim made against you, our civil litigation solicitors will be able to assist with the next steps.

Disputes within Family Businesses

At Lupton Fawcett, we understand the issues family businesses face and understand what your concerns are. Our specialist family business team has been advising family businesses across the generations for over 120 years. For an initial discussion about the disputes you are facing within your family business, please get in touch.

How to resolve a civil dispute

Our dedicated dispute resolution team is experienced in all courts, and in all forms of dispute resolution, including litigation, mediation, arbitration, adjudication, and expert determination. To find out more, take a look at our alternative dispute resolution page.

We will take time to explore all of the options for resolving your dispute, including out-of-court settlements. What’s more, we will fight hard to secure the best possible outcome for our clients.

The process is likely to include one or several alternative dispute resolution approaches including:

  • Mediation
  • Without Prejudice Negotiations
  • Adjudication
  • Arbitration
  • Early Neutral Evaluation

We will always be open about the associated costs, so you can make informed choices throughout the process.

Above all, we will aim to give the highest quality advice throughout the legal process. We will also aim to dedicate more of our time to staying one step ahead of your adversaries, rather than wasting countless and unnecessary hours in court.

Contact our Disputes & Civil Litigation Solicitors

Lupton Fawcett is a leading personal and commercial law firm in Yorkshire with well-established offices of highly experienced solicitors in Leeds, Sheffield, and York.

We have spent over one hundred years using our legal skills to help you through difficult, complicated, or emotional times.  Within every area of law, we put your interests first.

We provide a personalised service, with sector specialists and extensive resources to ensure we are giving you the best solutions to your problems.

Lupton Fawcett has long been recognised nationally for the expertise of their Litigation Solicitors in respect of Civil Disputes.  For an initial no-obligation discussion with a member of our dispute resolution team, or for more information and advice on ADR, please call the office number or leave your details in the form at the top of this page and we’ll contact you.

Our Civil Litigation Solicitors act regularly for clients across the United Kingdom including Bradford, Birmingham, Hull, Liverpool, London, Manchester, and Nottingham.

As recognised experts in resolving disputes of all types, we can support your needs wherever you live in England or Wales.

We will always respond promptly, and we will be happy to help.

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