Top Ten Tips on managing a civil or commercial dispute

We will share with you a series of short user-friendly posts that give you our tried and tested Top Ten Tips to assist you when dealing with civil and commercial disputes and court proceedings.

If you are reading this introductory post, it may be because you are either involved in court proceedings against another party, giving witness or expert evidence in such proceedings, know someone in one of those positions or anticipate being in one of those positions.

Whether you have been involved with court proceedings before or it is your first experience, it can be a daunting and challenging experience, not least because of the varying nature of disputes and the procedures for resolving them.

The aim of this series of posts from our dedicated team of Dispute Resolution lawyers is to give you our team’s unrivalled decades of experience in bite size chunks!

You are therefore invited to join us on our whistle stop tour that will provide you with an overview  of the many stops a civil or commercial dispute can make on its journey to court or settlement before trial and how best to manage those stages.  

Here is a snapshot of the Top Ten Tips topics that we aim to cover:

  1. The pre action stage of litigation
  2. Issuing and serving the claim
  3. Defence and Counterclaim
  4. Case and Costs Management Conference (hearing)
  5. Interim Applications including Summary Judgment
  6. Disclosure (and recent major changes in the Business and Property Courts)
  7. Witness Statements
  8. Expert Evidence
  9. Pre-Trial Review (hearing) and Trial
  10. Judgment and Appeal
  11. Part 36 Offers/Offers to Settle – what is Without Prejudice?
  12. Mediation
  13. Early Neutral Evaluation
  14. ATE – Insurance for legal costs?
  15. Watch this space for our first post on the Pre Action stage of litigation – Coming Soon!  



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