Beverley Mightly

Registry Assistant – Ecclesiastical & Charities

About Beverley

Beverley’s extensive experience covers a wide spectrum of issues in regards to the administrative workings of the Parishes/Churches within the Diocese of Leeds.

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Registry assistant in ecclesiastical and charities

Beverley’s experience includes:

  • Ordination and clergy appointments
  • Marriage, burial and cremation
  • Faculty jurisdiction rules, faculties and the Consistory Court
  • Consecration/licensing of buildings/burial grounds

She provides advice to authorised clergy (stipendiary and non-stipendiary), churchwardens and secretaries of the Parochial Church Councils, parishes inspecting architects and local authorities in the Diocese as well as the Diocesan Advisory Committee.

Beverley also provides advice to other enquirers concerning the law of marriages, baptism, confirmation, burial of the dead according to the rites and ceremonies of the Church of England.

“I am down to earth and very much straight to the point.  I pride myself on responding quickly to enquiries and providing a quick turnaround on documents that are required to the point that I have a very good working relationship with my clients.”

Beverley Mightly Ecclesiastical & Charities

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