Dawn Bray

Senior Employment Coordinator – Employment

About Dawn

Dawn has been with Lupton Fawcett LLP since 1994. She’s undertaken a number of support and administrative roles during that time, culminating in her present position as a Employment Officer in the firm’s Employment Department.

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Senior Employment Coordinator in employment

My key responsibilities include supporting and assisting the Employment team. My position is diverse and encompasses all aspects of a busy department with tasks varying from drafting key employment documents, liaising with clients and counsel, preparing internal and external client seminars and maintaining the Employment Team’s client database.

I also take a leading role in ensuring that the department’s aged debt is managed in accordance with internal policies and procedures.

Other key duties include specific project based work aiming at improving fee earner and support staff effectiveness (including the creation of new protocols and work flows).

“I am down to earth and straight forward. I pride myself on providing practical support to both clients and the team and maintaining strong professional relationships. I seek to understand each client’s initial queries and desired outcomes so that I can ensure the client receives advice specifically tailored to their needs from the most suited member of the team, working collaboratively to find a workable solution for any problem.”

Dawn Bray Corporate Employment

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