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Our experienced team of lawyers can represent you throughout any investigation, police station visit or subsequent Court appearance, offering high-quality advice.

Lupton Fawcett has a team of experienced criminal law litigators with extensive backgrounds in criminal defence and prosecution. We provide strong practical guidance on how to deal with investigations, formal interviews under caution and any subsequent Court appearances.

Our expert solicitors have dealt with hundreds of formal interviews under caution, meaning you can be confident you have the backing of a strong and experienced legal team.

For businesses, even minor convictions can have serious implications and cause reputational harm. If you face any kind of criminal investigation you are best to contact us as soon as possible; as any delay in seeking appropriate advice can have serious consequences.

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We provide a comprehensive service to those who are involved in any kind of investigation, as well as dealing with interview under caution and Court proceedings. To find out more about how our specialist solicitors in Leeds, York and Sheffield can help you, contact us today.

Social Media Misuse and Cyber-Bullying 

Online acts such as trolling and cyber-bullying can cause someone distress and alarm to its victims.  If you have been a victim of a course of conduct of this nature then it might amount to harassment and give rise to a not only a civil claim, but also a criminal action.

Civil action can be taken to protect victims from sources of harassment, including online activities such as cyber-bullying and other forms of social media abuse.  Civil remedies available to address the harassing conduct include obtaining an injunction to restrain the relevant person and damages to compensate for anxiety and any financial loss resulting from the harassment.  These can be pursued not only by the victim of the harassment, but also a third party whose behaviour the harassment is intended to impact on.

A report against someone pursuing a course of conduct that amounts to harassment may also be made to the Police for further investigation.  If the Police and/or Crown Prosecution Service are reluctant to intervene on your behalf, Lupton Fawcett can assist in ensuring that either there is the appropriate intervention from the authorities or take action on your behalf. Such options include the use of injunctions or private prosecution.

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If you are suffering online harassment, our team of criminal defence solicitors can help. We are experienced in all manners of online investigation and as such can help stop; bullying, abuse or harassment online.


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