Professional Negligence Claims Against Solicitors

Solicitors, lawyers and barristers are highly trained professionals working in a highly regulated industry designed to protect consumers. Standards in the industry are generally high and most solicitors deal with their clients in an efficient and competent manner. However, as in any profession, there are times when things go wrong.

If you feel you have been let down by a solicitor acting on your behalf, you may need to take advice from a team with professional negligence expertise.

Some common areas of complaint that lead to professional negligence claims include:

  • Missing an important deadline
  • Under settling a personal injury compensation claim
  • Filing incorrect paperwork
  • Failed to take a vital step on your behalf which caused your case to be unsuccessful
  • Suing the wrong person
  • Errors in drafting a Will
  • Failures in relation to planning permission

The consequences of such mistakes can not only be very costly financially but can also lead to further legal complexities that need resolving, wasted time and unnecessary stress.
Solicitors are required to act in your best interests, and they can be held liable if they fail to do so.

For larger complaints, our own Professional Negligence Lawyers can help you recover any losses you have suffered when your legal advisor has failed to meet the required standards.

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Our team of professional negligence solicitors

Here at Lupton Fawcett, the Professional Negligence Solicitors have a wealth of experience of bringing and defending professional negligence cases. We provide full transparency on costs and litigation funding options will form part of our advice to you. We are dedicated to providing our clients with a successful outcome and a claims process that avoids unnecessary delays.

When you engage the services of a solicitor, you are entitled to expect a skilled and competent service, especially when you are paying fees for these services (and even sometimes when you aren’t). Unfortunately, all professionals can and do make mistakes, which could be very costly to you or your business. If you have any concerns at all, please contact us today.

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Frequently Asked Questions

Will I receive compensation and how much will I get?

Some cases are more clear-cut than others but we will always help you to understand how likely you are to receive compensation if you decide to pursue a claim for professional negligence.

Where the claim is for specific out of pocket expenses, this can make it easier to predict how much compensation might be awarded. Where the claim is for a loss of value, e.g. due to property damage or an inaccurate valuation, we can work to compile the necessary evidence to support your claim.

Medical negligence claims can be a little different as you may be claiming compensation for lasting injury rather than direct financial costs, but in many cases, it is possible to predict the payout based on past case history and the standard compensation normally paid for each type of injury.


How do I prove a duty of care?

If you hired the professional yourself, then often they have an automatic duty of care to you as their client. Sometimes the individual is hired by a third party – for example, when a mortgage lender appoints a surveyor to carry out a valuation. However even in these cases, they are clearly representing your interests as the owner or buyer, and this can usually allow your claim to proceed in court.

How do I prove professional negligence?

There are several ways to prove professional negligence. In some cases it can be very straightforward, especially if you have incurred direct out of pocket expenses to put right the errors made. Sometimes you may need a second opinion from a highly regarded individual in the same profession or discipline, who can confirm that in their opinion, a duty of care was owed to you that was not delivered in full.

How does an individual professional pay substantial compensation?

It should not matter if a professional is trading as an individual or working for a large organisation – if their negligence has left you facing expenses, they may be liable to pay you back for those costs incurred. In many cases professionals hold professional indemnity insurance for the purpose of covering compensation claims, which can allow them to cover much larger compensation awards than you might expect an individual to be able to pay.

Who can I make a professional negligence claim against?

The common disciplines you can make a professional negligence claim against are listed above but this is not an exhaustive list, and anyone in a professional service who fails in their duty of care to you could reasonably be asked to pay compensation. If you’re not sure please get in touch and we will help you to decide if you have a strong case.

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