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Diocesan Registry - York

Registry of the Diocese of York of the Church of England

Louise Connacher and Peter Foskett are the Registrars of the Diocese of York.

Staff in the Registry

Registry Assistant: Jess Smith

Faculty Assistant: Hazel Bell

The Registrar and her staff are available to give advice to:

  • The Archbishop, suffragan bishops and archdeacons of the Diocese
  • Authorised clergy (stipendiary and non-stipendiary) in the Diocese
  • Chairman and secretaries of boards, councils and committees of the Diocese
  • Rural deans and lay chairman of deanery synods in the Diocese
  • Churchwardens and secretaries of PCC's in the Diocese
  • On legal matters properly arising in connection with the discharge of their ecclesiastical synodical and parochial offices.

For further information please click on the links below:

Advice is also available to bona fide enquirers concerning the law of marriage, baptism, confirmation and burial of the dead (coffin burials and cremated remains) according to the rites and ceremonies of the Church of England.

The Registrar and her staff prepare and register all documents required in connection with ordination, instituting and licensing of clergy and others under canon law, licensing of buildings for public worship and the consecration of churches and burial grounds.

There are some restrictions on the amount of advice and work that may be done in the Registry without payment of a fee. Guidance is given where appropriate.

For further guidance about practice in the Diocese of York please click on the links below. All guidance is general and it is not intended as definitive advice about any specific matter. If you require specific legal advice about particular circumstances, then you should consult your solicitor or the Registrar of the Diocese of York -

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