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Agency and distribution disputes solicitors

Our experienced agency disputes solicitors can provide advice from the very start of an agency relationship through to termination and beyond whether you are an agent or a principal. In the circumstances of an agency or distribution dispute where there is a possible claim, you should seek legal advice from our agency disputes lawyers who will give you advice on your position and the solutions that may be available to you.

Avoiding agency disputes is better than dealing with them and the starting point is a well-drafted agreement. This agreement sets out the duties of both the agent and the principal, as well as mechanisms for termination, and what must happen after termination. There are many different types of agency. Many, but not all, forms of agency are defined under and regulated by the Commercial Agents (Council Directive) Regulations 1993. Those that are will be governed by legislative framework, which determines the contractual relationship between principal and agent. This includes the duties of each party, remuneration of the agent and the required notice to terminate the agency relationship.

The regulations also provide terms on the payment of compensation and indemnity should a contract be terminated. It is this area where most disputes arise, which is why it is vital to know how to set that relationship up properly and how to handle things when they break down.

How we can help with agency disputes

We advise both principals and agents on all aspects of the regulations. This includes preparing agency agreements, advice on strategically terminating an agency contract and guidance before and after termination.

For principals, it is important to understand what is required of you and minimising any potential exposure, while agents should ensure that all matters are dealt with fairly and suitable recompense is awarded at the end of the contract or relationship.

Our solicitors have vast experience in agency law and are committed to helping clients achieve an early and amicable resolution. Together we will explore your options, including alternative dispute resolution – such as mediation – and work to fulfil your objectives.

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